Houston’s Finest Sports Leagues Winter 2022: Sign up now

Houston’s Finest Sports Leagues Winter 2022: Sign up now

Sand volleyball leagues from SPORTSKIND Houston | Photo lent by SPORTSKIND

Grab your friends, colleagues and neighbors – along with your blocks, high tops or sneakers – and join thousands of other SPORTS SKIN players in recreational league sports around Houston in 2022.

From novices and aspiring social athletes to talented artists and weekend warriors, everyone is welcome to participate, play and reap the emotional and physical benefits that Houston’s leading sports leagues and team experiences offer.

With leagues designed for both recreational and competitive levels, and year-round gaming opportunities, each season is a great time to sign up for SPORTSKIND’s recreational leagues across H-Town.

Individual games take place on dedicated courses, courses and venues located throughout the Inner Loop and at destinations east, west, north and south.

League sports include football, both indoor volleyball and beach volleyball, softball, basketball, flag football and kickball. Unlike many other recreational leagues, SPORTSKIND’s leagues all have a more authentic style of play that depends on the right rules, the right equipment, the right officials, and … you see.

And if you’re not a traditional athlete, do not worry! Cornhole and pickleball leagues provide great opportunities for fun and good-natured social competition.

Either way, you do not have to be a perfect player. Just be sure that the more you play, the better you will become.

Finally and most importantly, SPORTSKIND players consistently report that their league experiences greatly contribute to their life balance, improve their social life, improve their overall fitness, build friendships and community, and more.

Registration is open now. Find your sport and sign up, or learn more.

Local football leagues from SPORTSKIND Houston | Photo lent by SPORTSKIND

How league games enrich lives

SPORTS SKIN is ideal for people who want to hone their skills, enrich an active lifestyle, strengthen friendships and form new ones, and find an overall better balance in life through team sports, wellness and fitness.

If you want to be more active, get in shape, meet people and fill your evenings with league sports and social fun this year, SPORTSKIND is the way to do it.

Join a SPORTS SKIN league to make friends and teammates for life.


Upon registration, all league players will receive numbered dri-fit jerseys, professional photographs, top equipment, supervision of trained officials and the chance to become a teammate and champion.

Remember that players range in experience from those who want to get their sports career back on track, to those who take up a new sport or hobby and are simply ready to play. No matter where they fall on that spectrum, all players can find a league that matches their skills and competition levels.

A full team is not required to join any of the leagues. Individual players or small groups can participate as free agents, so the experts at SPORTSKIND can find or build their team.

In addition to the experience on the court, SPORTSKIND has opted for local bars and favorites for water holes – such as Little Woodrow’s Midtown, Kirby Icehouse Memorial and Bumpy Pickle in the East End – where players will receive food and drink offers both before and after. -game.

For those who are unable to commit to a league, SPORTSKIND also holds one-day tournaments along with social events such as happy hours, clock parties, tailgates, open plays and community days.

Find your sport and sign up, or learn more.

Houston Basketball Leagues | Photo lent by SPORTSKIND

Houston’s finest sports leagues

Some of SPORTSKIND’s most popular local leagues are open now, leading into the winter and spring seasons, with a range of social sports and co-ed opportunities available for league games.

Find your sport and sign up, or learn more.

SPORTS SKIN: Houston’s finest sports leagues

  • Date: Spring registration is now open for selected Spring 2022 leagues through Saturday, April 30, 2022.
  • Locations: SPORTSKIND’s leagues play at locations across the Houston metro, including the following.
    • Sportscreek HTX in EaDo
    • Sideout Volleyball in Near Northside
    • Bumpy Pickle in the East End
    • Houston Sports Park in South Houston
    • Mindeparken
    • Kirby Ice House and Memorial
    • Little Woodrows Midtown
    • Lutheran North High School in Garden Oaks
    • Westbury Christian School Athletic Complex in South Houston
    • and more … Explore all participating Houston locations.
  • Registration: Prices vary by league, and SPORTSKIND’s online league registration is an easy and straightforward process. Find your sport and sign up, or learn more.

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