Hot drinks to keep you warm in Egypt’s winter cooling

Hot drinks to keep you warm in Egypt’s winter cooling

Hot drinks to keep you warm in Egypt’s winter cooling

Hot drinks to keep you warm in Egypt’s winter cooling
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It is cold. You are tucked under your super soft and cozy blanket, watching your favorite TV show and spending the weekend relaxing in bed. Nothing compares to a hot beverage to keep you company and make you feel extra comfortable.

Hot chocolate can be a go-to. However, the Egyptians have some unique hot drinks that are both delicious and different in their ingredients, so there is something for everyone.


Sahlab topped with mixed nuts
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Derived from orchid tubers, Sahlab is one of the most common Middle Eastern beverages. Sahlab is also quite easy to cook at home. This milk pudding drink, topped with chopped nuts and raisins, can be a perfect substitute for dessert. Not only do kids love it, so do adults.

Some sources claim that it was introduced by the Ottomans, which is why it is very popular in Turkey

See the recipe for it here.


Photo via Dr. Ola’s kitchen

Popularly known as “Hummus Al Sham”, this popular Egyptian street food is hot, filling and rich in flavor. This healthy mix of spicy tomato-lemon chickpeas can be adjusted to your taste.

Although it looks more like a soup, it is served in a glass with a spoon for the chickpeas.

Here is the recipe.

Cinnamon milk

Cinnamon milk
Photo via Krishi Jagran

Not only is it a good bedtime drink for both children and adults, it comes with several health benefits. Warm up milk, honey and cinnamon, and enjoy a satisfying and possibly even addictive taste.

If you’re a coffee lover and you do not get it before bed, you can also add an espresso shot.

Shay bel Laban or black tea with milk

Pour milk on tea
Photo via elconsolto

In every Egyptian household, there must be at least one member who is dependent on shay bel laban. While some associate it with childhood memories of their daily school breakfast, others are happy with the delicious taste.

Shay bel laban provides a balanced blend of tea and milk. A popular favorite, shay be laban is a nostalgic healthy drink.

Like winter drinks, there is also winter food, as it can be a real struggle to maintain a balanced diet when it is cold. Check out our article on how to keep track of your diet and stay healthy in the winter, with advice from Egyptian nutritionist Zahwa Farouk.

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