Hot chocolate and where to find it – The Current

Hot chocolate and where to find it – The Current

The weather changes in Florida convey a mood to cuddle in a blanket and drink hot chocolate. While Florida may not have traditional winter, hot chocolate is still the ideal hot, comforting beverage. It is also a delicious drink with versatility and different variations through toppings. In addition, Davie has more delicious hot chocolate drinks to offer than your usual Starbucks or Dunkin ‘Donuts.

Filomena’s Bean Coffee is a cozy establishment on Shenandoah Square. The coffee bar offers hot chocolate with whipped cream in addition to its ambiance, as it is a great place to share a drink with friends or do chores. You can also enjoy some of the live events that the coffee shop offers. This place is perfect if you enjoy a variety of hot and cold drinks and latte art.

Crema Gourmet is a perfect store to add to your Instagram feed with its lively atmosphere, comfortable seating, latte art and food presentation. The café can be found on University Drive, just eight minutes from Nova Southeastern University. Their hot chocolate is not only creamy but also visually appealing, creating a great combination with their baked goods and the slightly cold weather.

Vicky’s Bakery has more than just drinks, there are several options between cakes and Cuban sandwiches. You can order hot chocolate with different types of milk. Vicky’s bakery is able to take care of different customers with different diets, including those who are vegan.

Euro Bread & Café is located at Stirling Place no more than eight minutes away from NSU. This bakery holds amazing cakes, pies and other pastries, which shows that it is a great place to have breakfast, not only through their menu, but its welcoming atmosphere and the warm aroma of pastries. This bakery is a place to visit if you have a sweet tooth.

Finally, Ella Café is located near Broward Blvd., a beautifully rustically decorated coffee shop. This coffee shop serves their hot chocolate in a cutting board and a heart-shaped cookie. You can also enjoy your drink with an open microphone night.

Hot chocolate may be just a simple drink, but it is a nostalgic drink that can make us feel warm and get smiles on many faces. These coffee shops and bakeries offer very exquisite renditions of hot chocolate, all different in their own way, while adding to their establishment as part of the adventure and experience.

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