Grab a delicious bowl of Vietnamese Pho soup near Greenville, SC

Grab a delicious bowl of Vietnamese Pho soup near Greenville, SC

Looking for the best Vietnamese Pho soup near Greenville, SC? The traditional Vietnamese noodle soup, pronounced “fuh” was one of the most coveted soups when we recently asked Kidding Around Greenville and Spartanburg readers. The traditional Vietnamese soup is healthy and easy to get in Upstate! We asked readers to find out which places serve best so you can enjoy a warm dish this winter.

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Vietnamese noodle soup

Best Upstate Pho Restaurants

We asked readers to find the most popular restaurants in Upstate for a toast Pho. These were the most popular places for Pho across Upstate.


Best Pho Soup in Greenville, SC

2013 Wade Hampton Boulevard, Greenville | 864.244.1314
Mekong is a favorite spot among lovers of Vietnamese cuisine, and is always at the top of favorite Pho lists in Upstate. If you drive around the back, you will see why the fresh ingredients on the Mekong look like they have just been harvested. That’s because they were! The herbs and garden vegetables that adorn the dishes here, spent their entire lives right here. It’s a unique ground-to-table concept!

Mekong is my favorite!

Kellie WJ


Best Pho Soup in Travelers Rest, SC

36-A South Main Street, Travelers Rest | 864,610,0513
Relatively new to the restaurants along Main Street in Travelers Rest, Trubroth has already gained a loyal following. This small Vietnamese restaurant also offers coffee drinks and if you are a fan of coffee drinks and have never tried the Vietnamese kind, you will miss something!

Trubroth hands down the best!

Megan FC

Pho your choice

Fantastic Pho Soup in Taylors, SC

2801 Wade Hampton Boulevard, Taylors | 864.568.5079
In addition to the traditional pho soup, Pho Your Choice also offers a new option – they take the noodles, the protein, the fresh vegetables and then roll them in a tortilla like a burrito garnished with hoisin and sriracha hot sauce. This unique burrito is then served with a side dish of pho broth so you can enjoy all the elements at once!

Pho Your Choice 2 in Taylors is good and is open Sundays and Mondays when the others tend to be closed.

Kellie WJ

The lemongrass kitchen

Vietnam Pho Soup in Spartanburg, SC

121 Dunbar Street, Spartanbrug | 864.205.6150
Located in Downtown Spartanburg, Lemongrass Kitchen is very popular with locals in Spartanburg. You can enjoy the pho with one of their delicious bubble tea drinks or the Vietnamese coffee I mentioned earlier!

Lemongrass Kitchen in the center of Spartanburg is the best pho I have tasted in town. The owners are Vietnamese and make authentic Vietnamese food.

Tara D.

Phở your choice

Popular Pho Soup in Spartanburg, SC

2660 Reidville Rd, Spartanburg | 864.699.9011
This location was recommended by a bunch of Kidding Around readers! While I have enjoyed another Vietnamese staple there, I have not ordered Pho. The Spartanburg Pho Your Choice site has outdoor seating and you do not have to worry about parking in the city center!

Pho Your Choice on Reidville Road is a gem!

Elizabeth C.

Pho noodle soup in Spartanburg, sc

Our favorite pho in Upstate

Here are some bonus recommendations from the folks at Kidding Around! You can never have too many good places to try right?


129 West Main Street, Spartanburg | 864.582.0618
Monsoon is one of my favorites for Asian cuisine in the center of Spartanburg, and has an eclectic menu of items that never disappoints. All their soups are delicious and will hit the spot on a winter day! They have a kids menu and a variety of dishes to keep everyone happy while I enjoy my soup!

Tuk Tuk

5010 Old Spartanburg Road, Taylors | 864.412.5030
Kidding Around’s India Menon and her family love the Tuk Tuk in Taylors. India’s man, who has enjoyed Pho in Vietnam so the bar is set quite high, had this to say about why he loves this particular place:

It’s the real deal. The broth is very tasty.They also have a spicy pho that I have not seen at other restaurants in Greenville. Plus, the menu is small and not overwhelming. Everything always tastes fresh.

Arvind M.

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