Giada De Laurentiis has just shared 7 ways to use her Bolognese Sauce – SheKnows

Giada De Laurentiis has just shared 7 ways to use her Bolognese Sauce – SheKnows

While we might like to spend most of the cool winter days in the kitchen preparing our favorite length-simmered comfort food, we unfortunately have other things we often need to take care of, like work, kids, binge-watching Netflix and to be sucked into reading the comment box on the random articles we find ourselves scrolling through the web (always a bad hobby). But Giada De Laurentiis has just shared a tasty tip for winter cooking in the evening. Prepare a large portion of bolognese on the weekend, and then use it all week to make your quick meals taste as if they have hours of work behind them. If you’re not sure how to use a large pot of bolognese besides tossing it with pasta, do not despair – De Laurentiis has a few ideas for you.

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First, though, you can grab Sunday dinner by tossing your freshly made bolognese with your favorite sturdy pasta, or by using it as the sauce to make a hearty lasagna.

Next up, the simplest ways to eat leftovers of bolognese. De Laurentiis recommends filling a baked potato with the meat sauce and then topping it with cheese. You can also just pour hot bolognese over some hot rolls for Sloppy Joe’s that are far more tasty than anything you can get out of a can (though we may not be the only ones having a soft spot for our youth Manwich on can) ).

You can also simply pour the bolognese over hot rice, or swirl it into cheesy risotto or creamy polenta.

If you are willing to do a little more work, stuffed peppers may be the evening meal you are looking for. De Laurentiis recommends mixing the remaining bolognese with rice, stuffing it in peppers, topping them with cheese and baking them until the peppers are tender.

And do not forget the pizza night! Store-bought pizza dough is the perfect tool for leftover bolognese. Add cheese and your favorite toppings to a satisfying meal that the whole family will love.

Pasta, potatoes, rice, polenta, Sloppy Joe’s, stuffed peppers and pizza – it’s seven days of bolognese. Just a little bit of preparing meals on the weekend can give you a whole week of deeply flavorful meals, and no one will even guess that the secret was to make your bolognese in advance.

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