Get ready to ski, sip and relax this winter on Drummond Island

Get ready to ski, sip and relax this winter on Drummond Island

Forget waiting for summer, Michigan’s favorite vacation island is exactly where you need to be this winter.

Just one mile from the eastern tip of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Drummond Island Resort is a tourist favorite during the summer months. With over 2000 acres, there is plenty of space to enjoy all that Northern Michigan has to offer, not to mention enjoy the amazing accommodations that include cabins and a resort hotel with all the amenities. Summers on the island and really incredible, but wait … there’s more.

Drummond Island is also the perfect winter playground. The resort offers all the winter season’s favorites from sledding, skiing, ice fishing and snowmobiling. Everything you can do in the snow, you can do on Drummond Island, and this year they are hitting it up with a series of special events.

Drummond Island’s “Ski, Sip, & Chill” events bring together all the great activities the resort has to offer for a great winter adventure. Guests will embark on a snowshoeing or cross-country skiing adventure across the groomed trails while making fun stops along the way to … well … sip and relax.

According to the website, the day has guests starting on the 19th hole, to pick up equipment, grab a hot beverage before setting off. There are a total of five stops along the way that include things like wine tasting in Yurt, fireside s’mores, and eventually end up with one heating, and a cup of Poblano Chicken Chili.

Event dates are January 15, January 22, February 5, February 12 and February 19, with activities running from 6 p.m. 11.00-13.00. The price for the “cool” excursion is only $ 60, only $ 50 if you do not need to rent equipment, and includes a 10% discount on the resort’s best available price for accommodation.

To book the ultimate winter adventure on Drummond Island, or for more information, click here.

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