From Sarso Da Saag to Methi Matar Malai, here are 5 winter dishes from Punjab we love

From Sarso Da Saag to Methi Matar Malai, here are 5 winter dishes from Punjab we love

Warm duvets, cloudy wool, foggy mornings, sunny afternoons and bonfires, there is something about the winters in the north that makes us want to wait for the season despite the steep dive in the temperatures. Another peculiar quality of winters is its impact on our appetite. All of a sudden we are in the mood for a little extra ghee. Something extra page? No problem. Halwas are always welcome, as are soothing soups and broths. The winters are incomplete without the winter greens too, palak, sarso, bathua, methi; the endless variety of vegetables makes theirs to add the vital antioxidants in our winter diet. If you happen to be in Punjab, Delhi or Haryana these months, you might have a better idea of ​​what we are talking about.

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Here are 5 Punjabi winter-special foods that have our whole heart:

1. Sarso Da Saag
You saw this coming, did not you? Easily one of the most famous vegetarian dishes in Punjab, sarso ka saag is made with a combination of mustard leaves and other greens. Prepared with a special mirchi ka tadka and topped with lots of ghee, this winter delicacy is popularly paired with makki on bread. (Click here for the recipe)


2. Atta Pinni
Pinni is a fresh, fudge-like sweet. It is usually made with atta, ghee and sugar; if you want, you can also add nuts. It is known for keeping the body warm, in addition to serving as a sweet finale to your meal. (Click here for the recipe)

The base of winter in the former undivided Punjab is essentially a soothing soup made with trotters of goat or lamb. It is said to have many health benefits, and can especially do wonders for your immune system and energy levels. Paya is also a winter favorite across Delhi, Hyderabad and many other states.

4. Gajar Matar Ki Sabzi
This sweet and savory stir-fry made with carrots, peas and selected spices is best suited for rice and roti. With a bowl of dal you can make this meal even healthier (Click here for the recipe)


Carrots are abundantly consumed in winters

5. Methi Matar Malai
Everything wintery, everything fine. This creamy dish has a rich, casserole-like texture that goes very well with rice, kulcha or naan. The onion and the dried fruits add an incomparable richness to the dish. (Click here for the recipe)

Did we miss some of your favorites? Tell us in the comments below!

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