From Aloo Papad to Stuffed Papad: 7 Papad Recipes to Make at Home

From Aloo Papad to Stuffed Papad: 7 Papad Recipes to Make at Home

Papad, a thin Indian wafer eaten fried or roasted, is a side dish that always adds a pinch of spice to the meal and complements it in ways that no other snack has been able to. No matter what the meal is, papad always stands out with its rich flavor and taste. Given the diversity of India, it is seen that papad carries the local ingredients from the main crop of this region, making it a truly national snack. There was a time when almost all households in India knew the craft of making papads delicious. Over time, as we moved to buy ready-made foods off the shelf, this culinary practice experienced a decline. But it was not lost.

And we have brought the recipes back to help you make and enjoy the snack at your home this winter. When the weather is cold, we long to eat snacks, and there can be no better alternative than the golden-old papads. Here’s how you can enhance your meal this winter season using these recipes.

1.Aloo Ka Papad

We all love potatoes. So his father is also loved by everyone. These papads were once a household item among the older women, helped by their grandchildren, who made them with kilos of potatoes. A big advantage of this papad is that it lasts all year round.


2.Sabudana Papad

Made with sabudana, this papad not only tastes mouth-watering but is also high on energy. Sabudana is extracted from the edible part of the tropical palm tree and is packed with several health benefits. It is high in calories as it is made up of starch. Being gluten-free makes it an excellent substitute for wheat-based flour and grains. Pappaden also has the added benefits of jeera, which help with digestion.


3.Dal Papad

We usually make this papad using urad or moong dal. It can be a great alternative to chips and other processed snacks like fingers that are sold at a premium in the market.

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4.Rice Papad

A recipe unique to India, papad is made by cooking and blowing rice grains. It’s crispier than the papads you make with dal. You can add a pinch of hing and lemon juice to evoke a great taste.


5. Masala Papad

Once you have made the papad, you can either have it plain or add a twist to it. Top the papad bottom with a spicy onion-tomato mixture and gnaw on with a hot cup of tea or coffee without worrying too much about the calories.


6. Papad ki sabzi

In the winter, we like to postpone stepping out of our homes – even to buy vegetables. The next time you feel like it, you can always resort to papads in your kitchen to cook sabzi in a spicy curd sauce.

7. Stuffed papad

If you are among those who love stuffing in food, try papad as a wrap. It is healthier than the refined wheat flour (maida) used in the market. Use either chicken stuffing or paneer if you prefer a vegetarian diet.

Try these recipes and let us know which one was your favorite!


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