Fried fish, chicken corn soup in high demand as cold waves grip KP after rain, snowfall

Fried fish, chicken corn soup in high demand as cold waves grip KP after rain, snowfall

PESHAWAR – The store of fried fish, chicken corn soup and “Yakhni” with boiled eggs has shone in the provincial capital after Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was caught by a cold wave after periodic rain and snowfall over the mountains of Upper Malakand and Hazara divisions, forcing many people to visit these stores with families to keep themselves warm.

In Peshawar, the fried fish, Chappli Kabab, chicken corn soup and Yakhani shops attract a significant number of shoppers, especially in the evenings and at night in urban and cantonal areas, enjoying the traditional cuisines, while many take packages to keep their loved ones at home warm in rain. weather. The shop owners have set up special stalls with chicken soups and yakhni with various sauces and boiled eggs, earning nice profits in light of consumers ’favorite item. Special stalls were set up by vendors in crowded bazaars like Hashtnagri, Karimpura, Gul Bahar, Nothia, Jhangirabad, Board and Hayatabad, which attracted a significant number of buyers, especially in the evening and at night. Since the price of soup and yakhni is not fixed, the traders therefore sell these winters delicacies at high prices compared to normal days.

A small and large cup of soup is sold for Rs60-Rs80 and Rs130-150, while a bowl of chicken yakhani is available for Rs 50-70 this year against Rs40-50 last year in the urban markets.

Sometimes exchanges of heated words are seen among consumers and sellers over high prices.

Ehtisham Khan, a salesman, told Hasthnagri that the demand for chicken corn soups and yakhni has increased markedly due to the rainy weather. He said extra goods, including sauces, were used to make the corn soup more delicious and tasty, for which consumers have to pay more.

“I came from Nowshera to enjoy the traditional Peshawari corn soup and yakhni,” said Zeeshan Qaiser, a resident of Wapda Town Nowshera, who came with family members at the Hashtnagri Bazaar. “The taste of Peshavari soup is very delicious due to the inclusion of different sauces and boiled eggs,” he said.

“Since my childhood, I have come to Peshawar to enjoy corn soup at the beginning of the new year, and my joy was doubled today after my pleasant journey in the BRT Bus,” he said, adding that the prices of the item are high, which was to be controlled by the district administration. “I prefer chicken yakhani with boiled eggs than soup because it keeps my body warm for longer and cost-effective,” said Khayam Khan, a resident of Pabbi. He said a piece of chicken thigh along with yakhani cup was sold for 180-220 Rs at the local market against 150-170 Rs last year which was to be checked by the district administration. He called for regulation of soup and yakhani business and fixing of its price rate to facilitate consumers. In addition to these winter joys, the fried fish shops in various areas, especially Ghanta Ghar, Qissa Khwani Bazaar and Namak Mandai, are attracting significant buyers these days with a positive impact on the fish business in KP.

“I bought 5kg of Mahsher fish as it is full of protein and keeps me warm,” said Riaz Khan, a retired schoolteacher at Ghanta Ghar Peshawar.

He said fish was my favorite winter food as it is easily digestible and keeps one’s body warm for longer. He said the prices of fish were relatively low than meat and that his whole family is happy that bog and trout fish are a source of high protein.

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