For Ladoo, For Chikki and more: 5 for recipes to give you warmth and energy this winter

For Ladoo, For Chikki and more: 5 for recipes to give you warmth and energy this winter

Blame it on the drop in temperature or the piles of soft and warm blankets on our bed, these winter months make each and every one of us lazy and slow. Although we love the fact that the nights are longer, we find ourselves looking for ways (read excuses) to cuddle in our bed, even in broad daylight. This could be the ideal situation for some of us, but not all; many need to be up and working just like in any other season. But if these winter months make us lethargic, they also give us food that will give us just the energy boost we need. Out of the many winter-special ingredients that make a comeback towards the end of the year, (sesame) is one of the most useful. It is said to help you warm up and give you a boost of energy. In addition, the list of warm sweet and savory winter-special to-based recipes makes it easy to gossip about this beneficial seed.

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According to nutritionist Rupali Dutta, “Sesame seeds contain healthy fats such as polyunsaturated fatty acids and Omega-6, and are therefore a great source of energy. The seeds also provide plenty of fiber, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamin E, which help boost immunity. . ” Put these sesame seeds together with Gur / God (jaggery) to make ladoo, chikki or other snacks and fill up for this season.

Winter special: 5 recipes to give you warmth and energy this winter:

To God Ladoo:

To god ladoo is made with both common winter ingredients known for their warming properties and other health benefits, and is the perfect way to munch on hunger and laziness this winter. All you need is for, god and some cardamom powder and ghee. You can enjoy the lados heat or store them in an airtight container for later consumption. Click here for the recipe.


To God Ladoo is a delicious winter special

2. To Poli:

If you love the traditional Maharashtrian dish – puran poli, you will definitely like poli too. For poli, a solid and sweet chapati or flatbread is made from toasted / sesame seeds, jaggery and wholemeal wheat flour together with maida, and is typically prepared during the Makar Sankranti festival. It is a quick and easy recipe made with simple ingredients. Click here for the recipe.

To Ki Barfi:

A quick and easy recipe for ki barfi is a must-have in the winter. For ki barfi is made by mixing rich and creamy khoya with jaggery and for mix, cut into a diamond shape, and impress your guest with this unique winter special barfi. Here’s the recipe for you.

at barfi

For ki barfi is a quick and easy recipe

4. Til ki chikki

Talking about winter for recipes and not to mention the famous for ki chikki? Well, that’s not possible, is it? Till ki chikki is a crispy delicious winter snack that is enjoyed during the season, but specially made for festivals like Lohri and Makar Sankranti. This crispy crispy for chikki can be stored and enjoyed for several months due to its extended shelf life. Here’s the recipe for you.

5. Coconut for ladoo

Coconut for ladoo is one of the easiest solutions to beat your sweet craving this winter. These ladoos are made with only three ingredients – coconut, sesame seeds and dates. The recipe uses dates as an alternative to sugar, so you do not have to worry much about the calories. Here’s the recipe for you.


Coconut For Ladoo is delicious

Enjoy these delicious on-based recipes that will help you defy winters while giving you the much-needed energy boost.


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