Florida can see shipping rate benefits for winter vegetables

Florida can see shipping rate benefits for winter vegetables

The quality is excellent this season for products from Florida. These are the prospects for the winter vegetable season out of state. “We had a lot of rain early in the fall, but we’ve reached that point. Some later passing fronts have helped the crops. It evens out everything and also gives it the right moisture they need,” says Stephen S. Madonia Sr. at Chapman Fruit Company Inc. of Immokalee, Fl.

Madonia says that later passing rainfronts have helped the crops. “It evens out everything and also gives it the right moisture they need,” he says.

He notes that the quality looks strong on ingredients like peppers, black peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. “The rain has been beneficial. You can water, but it’s never the same as a nice rainfall. It’s balanced everything so far, and now it’s cooling down, so it will help too,” he says. said, the harvest was somewhat delayed on the special peppers, especially while peppers and tomatoes began on time. “The variety of peppers seems a little backward, and cucumbers were also a little out. But they come on now,” says Madonia.

Florida is entering a market that sees good – but not unusual – demand for vegetables.

Increased footprint
Madonia also notes that Chapman Fruit has remained the same on its land, but increased the footprint of wine-ripe tomatoes and its new Roma tomato crop.

At the same time, Florida is entering a market that has seen good – but not unusual – demand. “Everything has moved. It’s slowing down a bit after the Thanksgiving holiday,” he says. “That said, Madonia is still aware of what’s happening with freight rates across the country.” If we have an advantage in freight, it will help our markets. If you had to pay $ 9,000- $ 10,000 in shipping compared to $ 3,500 out of Florida, I would hope you would buy Florida, ”he says.

In terms of pricing, peppers had recently become softer as nearby Georgia was nearing the end of its pepper production, so Madonia expects the market to strengthen. Tomatoes started with good pricing and are around mid-range in pricing now.

‘Prices are better than last year at present. Last year, we were still dealing with COVID problems, and I do not think we had many people farming that got COVID-19 money and put in a crop, so the markets were not that good. I do not know if that money has been available this year for some of them, so they have not planted the area, ”says Madonia.

Left: Stephen Madonia Jr .; right: Stephen S. Madonia Sr.

Meanwhile, a change has taken place at Chapman Fruit – Stephen Madonia Jr., a recent graduate of the University of Miami and a D1 tennis athlete, has joined the company as director of operations and sales. “Stephen Jr. grew up in the industry and traveled from Florida to the east coast of Virginia every summer since he was a child. He has also been involved in our previous tomato operation for many years, ”adds Stephen Sr.

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