Five exclusive offers to look forward to at Karachi Eat 2022

Five exclusive offers to look forward to at Karachi Eat 2022

Another edition of Karachi Eat, the city’s largest food festival, returns from January 14, and we could not be more excited. Live music, hot drinks, the cold winter breeze and a mix of salty, sweet, spicy and salty fusions call and we pack!

While some classic staples and old favorites are also returning, let’s be honest, you can find them in Karachi every day. So, from Turkish delicacies to mandarin sausages, check out these exclusive items from your taste buds this weekend while indulging in the art of experimenting.

While the organizers are still in the process of unveiling the eateries, we already have a list of unique things that you will only find at the festival.

Smoked Meatburgers by Fiz and Bob

An international find for specialized one of a kind smoked meat burgers, this one literally went so far as to deliver only the best! Based in Canada, Fiz and Bob will serve their signature items; Pulled Bob (Chicken and Beef) and Roastwiches at Bod No. 36.

A Pulled Bob offers pulled meat served in a golden brioche bun, topped with an original spicy aioli sauce, cheddar cheese and sautéed onions, but what left me hungry was a picture of their roastwiches consisting of thin slices of tender fried beef paired with another original dijon aioli sauce and some fresh arugula wrapped under soft Italian ciabatta buns!

2. The Mandarin Tenderdog by Builder Burger

Famous for its cheesesteak and Mexican versions of burgers, 2022 is the first year for Builder Burger to showcase its burger nirvana at Karachi Eat at. Bod No. 11. If their current menu was not enough for customers to satisfy a good burger urge, they have introduced new items exclusively for the event!

They have yet to reveal their full menu for the event, but we’ve got our eyes open for their Mandarin Tenderdog! At the appearance of it, it will be an irresistibly tasteful burst of sweet and spicy.

3. Burlloumi by Nefis Foods

Nefis Foods is a halloumi cheese paradise, bringing traditional and authentic Mediterranean delights that oozes flavor with a fried twist at. Bod No. 19.

The new player, a clear favorite to be, is called The Burlloumi. Instead of the usual buns, it covers its smashed beef between two crispy, fried halloumi cheese slices! Imagine the wave of flavor with their salty sauce, caramelized onions and melted cheddar cheese bundled under layers of more cheese.

4. Turkish mini dumplings by Just Manti’s

Manti is a popular form of Turkish dumpling stuffed with spicy meat and drizzled with yogurt-based sauces. Brings the delicacy to K-town, Bod No. 9 will be a paradise for dumpling fans as it brings airy authentic mini-dumplings with a fried and cooked bottom with the option of two signature sauces.

5. The Bombay Sandwich by K-Pav Karachi

Street food delicacies have their own place in the hearts of karachiites. To add more to our bun kebabs and rolls, K-Pav brings its version of Indian street food to Karachi Eat at 6 p.m. Bod No. 41.

Consisting of one chili-coriander chutney, curry potatoes, thinly sliced ​​vegetables and a secret masala recipe, Bombay Sandwich is a grilled sandwich with a desi twist. It only gets better when the sandwich is then topped with more of the salty chutney and some crispy nylon sieve.

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