Fall in love with barley and chickpeas

Fall in love with barley and chickpeas

Freekeh, kamut, teff – it seems that food writers can not praise these old grains enough. If you can find them in the stores, their high profile goes hand in hand with a high price.

Another old grain with a 10,000-year history stands alone on the shelf with the dried beans to a little fanfare. It’s time for barley to come into its own.

Barley was first grown in the fertile crescent and spread rapidly to nearby areas. It was intertwined with Egyptian religious rituals and festivities. It was even used as a sacrifice to the gods. Barley was also the main food of the Roman gladiators because it was believed to give them greater strength. Most grains do not boast of that pedigree.

Along with barley, the Egyptians were big fans of the chickpeas. In fact, another name for this legume is Egyptian pea. Some accounts say that it was the Egyptians who first created hummus.

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