Disturbing winter weather waiting for King Holiday Weekend

Disturbing winter weather waiting for King Holiday Weekend

Central New York and the Mohawk Valley are on their way to a roller coaster ride this weekend.

It all begins later on Friday, as temperatures beginning in the 30s drop markedly through the day to overnight. On Saturday morning, the lowest temperatures in the valleys will drop to around minus 8 degrees overnight, while temperatures on Saturday will struggle to get higher than 5 or 6 degrees.

To the west, the Buffalo Bills play the New England Patriots Saturday night in an NFL Wildcard game, as the winner takes everything as the temperatures at the time of the game are expected to be close to the cold 5 degrees. The temperature will drop as the game continues with the night’s low temperatures expected to hit around 9 below zero throughout Upstate New York.

Temperatures will rise on Sunday up to the low to mid 20s and they will warm all evening and overnight to the low 30s. This is when a coastal storm is expected to hit the entire state with heavy snow, as well as the possibility of mixed rainfall. Either way, it will be a sloppy commute Monday morning, Martin Luther King Day. Overall, early predictions require 6-12 inches of snow or more in the Mohawk Valley

Forecasters have described the storm as significant, and they have called it Izzy. Only time will tell how much snow we get in the Mohawk Valley.

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