Cinnamon’s Deli Revisited |  Wichita of EB

Cinnamon’s Deli Revisited | Wichita of EB

Almost two years to this date we passed Cinnamon’s Deli for a review. We were less than impressed with what used to be one of the leading sandwich and soup shops in town. There were four places at one time, but all that has fallen to it on West Street. Like many bad reviews, we try to go months back, sometimes years later, to get a revisited review to see if anything has gotten better. Now was the time.

209 S West St. Wichita, KS 67213

Sunday – Thursday: 9.30 – 21.00
Friday – Saturday: 9.30 – 22.00

Cash / card accepted

When I arrived, everyone was in good spirits. The staff there were incredibly polite, which was a great start to the lunch excursion.

Our order consisted of half a Cranky Turkey, which was salad, cranberry sauce, smoked turkey and cream cheese along with a whole Heart Attack Stack, which was sweet hot mustard, horseradish, bacon, corned beef, Swiss cheese on rye bread. It’s hard not to order soup at Cinnamon’s Deli, so we went with a bread bowl and potato & bacon soup.

Starting with the positive, the soup was delicious. It was just the perfect warm comforting soup we needed for the cold winter day. It was not too liquid and had plenty of potato and bacon to go around. Dipping the bread in the soup did wonders for my soul.

So after that, things started to go downhill. Visually, the sandwiches looked ok except for half of my Heart Attack Stack, which looked like someone was sitting on, but we can overlook that. Downstairs was what mattered most.

Worn Turkey
Heart attack stuck

It’s like someone would not make a full sandwich for me. Both sandwiches felt like lazy attempts to create a meal worth buying. They were not so busy, so it was not a situation where they were slapped with orders. Not helping their case was the fact that both meals fell flat for us. There was not much to it in terms of taste or substance. Sandwich is a competitive game in the restaurant scene, and Cinnamon’s Deli just did not manage to match or surpass the others in town.

I was so torn to pieces before I wrote this review as I love a good comeback story where the second visit after a bad visit is always great. But unfortunately it was not. Everyone, including myself, preaches to exercise patience and give restaurants a second chance for problems with service, food quality, etc. At what point, though, should restaurants be held accountable for the product they publish? At the end of the day, it’s also people’s hard earned money they spend on what should be a valuable meal.

Here is their menu:

Good dinner,

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