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Christian Walker Blasts Dad Herschel After Abortion Report

Late last year, Christian Walker stood on a stage at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago compound in Florida to stump for his dad’s campaign for the US Senate.

Former NFL running back Herschel Walker would help stop the Democrats’ “agenda to turn America into a third-world hellhole,” Christian told the crowd.

The 23-year-old influencer, who has built an online following with a series of sassy right-wing rants, appeared to be the fully supportive son he had told his Instagram followers he was back when his father kicked off his campaign in August 2021.

“I’m so proud that he’s chosen to step up to the plate and do this for our great country,” Christian had written on Instagram.

Late Monday night, that supportive image blew up in dramatic fashion.

In a series of astounding tweets, the young Walker turned on his father, calling him a deadbeat and a liar.

“Every family member of Herschel Walker asked him not to run for office, because we all knew (some of) his past. Every single one. He decided to give us the middle finger and air out all of his dirty laundry in public, while simultaneously lying about it,” Christian tweeted. “I’m done.”

The young Walker was reacting to a bombshell story published by the Daily Beast, which reported that the Republican candidate to represent Georgia, who has been running on a platform opposed to abortion rights, had urged a woman he impregnated in 2009 to get an abortion and had paid for the procedure.

The woman, whose identity the Daily Beast did not reveal, provided the outlet with a copy of a $700 check from Walker, a receipt from the abortion clinic, and a “get well” card he had signed for her.

Herschel Walker subsequently released a statement on Twitter in which he called the story a “flat-out lie” and said he would file a lawsuit against the Daily Beast on Friday morning. (A lawyer for Walker told CBS News on Tuesday they were still considering their options and had not made a final decision.)

“This is another repugnant hatchet job from a Democrat activist disguised as a reporter who has obsessively attacked my family and tried to tear me down since this race started,” he wrote.

In June, the same outlet reported that Herschel Walker had a second son, in addition to Christian, whom he had not publicly acknowledged. That boy’s mother had taken Walker to court a year after giving birth in order to force him to acknowledge his paternity and pay child support, the Daily Beast reported.

The candidate, who has been a frequent critic of absentee fathers, subsequently admitted he had a total of four children, three of whom he had not discussed in great detail. He denied that the children were “undisclosed,” instead insisting he had chosen not to talk about them on the campaign trail in the same way he did about Christian.

But Monday’s latest revelation from the Daily Beast was apparently enough to push Christian over the edge.

To a stunned online audience, the young Walker said his father had been violent against him and his mother, and was now pretending to be a “moral, Christian, upright man” in order to win conservative votes.

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