Chino Valley Unified School District Superintendent John Scholl delivers a New Year’s announcement for 2022

Chino Valley Unified School District Superintendent John Scholl delivers a New Year’s announcement for 2022

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John Scholl, Superintendent of the Chino Valley Unified School District, wrote a letter to the community about the amazing amount of support shown to the district during the holiday season. Through donations from various organizations, including the Chino Valley Education Foundation, Toys for Tots and more, help was provided to many students and their families during this holiday season.

Autumn and the lead into the Christmas season is my favorite time of the year. This year has been particularly exciting as our community has really stepped up to help the less fortunate students and their families in the Chino Valley School District.

John Scholl
CVUSD Superintendent

Right now, there are about 420 Chino Valley students who are considered homeless by federal standards. This makes up just under 20 percent of the entire district’s students. Some of these students go to Chino Valley High School and have been evicted from their homes since they turned 18. Some live with their families in substandard homes, sometimes trailers, other times motel rooms. Some families live with other families out of financial necessity. There are a number of different reasons why these students and their families do not have adequate housing.

The district’s family resource specialist, Laurie Marley, is tasked with helping these families with the idea that this will help increase the chances of these students succeeding in school. This year, the district has partnered with dozens of businesses, community organizations and individuals to help our less fortunate families.

It all started at Thanksgiving. This year, the district, in partnership with the Chino Valley Education Foundation (CVEF), aimed to provide complete turkey dinners to as many families as possible. The families were identified by Ms. Marley. The Chino Valley Police Officers Association donated $ 750.00 along with several other individuals for a total of about $ 2,000.00 allowing us to deliver 26 complete Thanksgiving meals. Meals were provided by district staff and CVPD officers.

The donors continued at Christmas time. The Albertsons / Safeways corporate office donated $ 17,500 in gift cards to the district to give away to those in need. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donated 4,000 pounds of food and dry goods for distribution.

Donations through Toys for Tots resulted in the district receiving 1,000 toys for distribution. The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Lioness Club donated 24 Christmas trees. First Composite Pursuit Squadron delivered 40 bikes. The Prescott pet auction raised $ 2,500. This is only a fraction of the donated items.

On Saturday, December 10, CVEF opened their pop-up pantry at Heritage Middle School. Families started queuing three hours before for an opportunity to get a Christmas ham, a Safeway gift card and an opportunity to shop through the pantry. There were 11,000 pounds of food distributed in less than an hour.

Finally, the district and CVEF worked to provide 100 Bags of Hope to 100 Chino Valley High School students. The bags were filled with food and personal hygiene items that they might need to get through the winter holidays. All the items were donated by several companies and individuals. I would like to thank everyone who has helped during this holiday season.

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