Chai-Makkhan Toast Recipe: How to make this delicious winter breakfast from Bengal

Chai-Makkhan Toast Recipe: How to make this delicious winter breakfast from Bengal

Winter is all about nipping weather, warm mittens and parties. With picnics, parties, Christmas celebrations and more, people go in a festive way at this time of year. And food has a big role to play in this. Winter offers several delicious delicacies, which makes the season a treat. That’s why we go on a bingeing ride and keep all our weight-related thoughts at bay. If you go exploring in depth, you will discover that each region has something unique to offer this season. And what makes it even more fascinating is the fact that you get weekly dishes for every meal. For example, winter breakfasts in northern India include stuffed paratha and achar; whereas the people of Maharashtra enjoy thalipeeth with white butter. Likewise, Bengal also has unique dishes to offer for winter breakfast – one such is makhan toast and chai (pronounced: makhon toast and doodh cha).

Let’s start with what makhon toast is! It is basically toast with a layer of makkhan, sugar granules and milk powder on. In some places, the milk powder is replaced with malai (which you get while boiling milk). This dish is usually accompanied by a warm glass of kadak milky. And some people also like to add a boiled egg or omelet next to it. Sounds so satisfying; is it not?

This winter, if you also want to try the typical Bengali breakfast combination, bring the recipes to you here.

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Bread and butter provide a healthy meal

How to make Makkhan Toast:

Step 1: Toast the bread (take the thicker ones) on the stove until one side gets a little burnt.

Step 2: Spread a dollop of butter on the bread. Trust us, the more the more delicious.

Step 3: Sprinkle sugar granules and milk powder to taste and pamper.

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How to make Doodh Cha:

As mentioned earlier, doodh cha is basically milky, which we love to brew with some masala in the winter. Here is a foolproof recipe for kadak masala chai for you. Click here for the recipe.

Here we also give you a recipe for tea masala that you can have on hand when you need it. Click here for the recipe.

The recipes sound super easy; right? Trust us, the recipes are actually as easy as they sound.

So what are you waiting for? Make it today and enjoy this classic Bengali breakfast on a cold winter morning.

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