Call the cozy at local hotels complete with in-room fireplaces

Call the cozy at local hotels complete with in-room fireplaces

We have hit the coldest season in New England. And while it’s easy to dream of relaxing on a beach, there’s another place that is just as satisfying when it’s cold and gray: enjoying a crackling fire.

Luckily, there are some good toasty escapes that are not too far from home.

Although working fireplaces in hotels are not always the norm, they are out there. And the places that offer them tend to go up a lot in the coziness, with reading nooks, warming winter cocktails and delicious food on site.

Consider these:

Chatham Inn, 359 Main St. Chatham: What’s better than a winter walk on the beach? I would say a winter beach hike that is part of your stay at the Chatham Inn (

Located in the center of the cozy center of Chatham, the inn is a solid choice all year round. But in the quieter winter season, it’s absolutely magical.

A winter meal at the Chatham Inn seems all the warmer thanks to the dining room fireplace. (Photo by Stephanie Brauer / Jumping Rocks Photography)

The Relais & Chateaux property boasts fireplaces in almost every room, a unique dining experience, fantastic breakfasts (Salmon Croque Madame, anyone?) And common areas that are warm and inviting.

The city is quiet in winter, but not closed down. While some businesses take a break, there is always plenty of shopping and browsing to do.

Walk up Main Street and hang a right to Chatham Lighthouse Beach where you will see a historic lighthouse, a beautiful view of the bay and the open ocean outside and often a group of seals playing in the winter sun.

At night, you can find locals hungry for cocktails and juicy at The Chatham Squire (487 Main St.), the old, old Cape classic hangout. Or head to an upscale Chef’s Table dinner at Cuvee, right in the Chatham Inn.

The Lenox Hotel, 61 Exeter St., Boston: Rooms with old-fashioned stoves, right in the heart of Boston?

A winter stay at the Lenox Hotel ( feels like a warm winter visit to the magnificent home of your well-to-do but welcoming friend.

Lenox’s Executive Fireplace Rooms are among the few hotel rooms in Boston with working wood-burning stoves.

No worries, if you are not a master fire builder (it’s an art!), Your watchman will come up and build or light your fire whenever you need it.

Lenox Hotel’s lobby fireplace sets the warm, inviting atmosphere for visitors. (Photo Christopher Smith, on loan from Lenox Hotel)

The hotel’s Fireplace Experience package includes hot chocolate made with locally sourced hot fudge from COOP’s Microcreamery in Boston and S’More’s Chocolate Patties made by Seacoast Sweets from Pawtucket, RI, for an indulgent pampering by the fireplace.

And the rest of Lenox is also magical in the winter. The fireplace lounge in the lobby is a perfect place to enjoy a cocktail (order Winter Fizz made with gin and cinnamon or the Mexican monk with Lenox’s own roof honey).

Their three on-site restaurants give you pampered choices. Sola’s Irish pub offers a perfectly served Guinness, but also serves comfort food favorites such as Guinness French onion soup, shepherd’s pie or chicken curry.

Warm up with a soothing bowl of French onion soup at Solas at the Lenox Hotel in Boston. (Photo courtesy of Lenox Hotel)

Lenox is centrally located so you can walk to Frog Pond for a skate, through Public Gardens to see Boston in its winter beauty, or head out for some winter shopping on Newbury Street (less crowded on cold days).

As soon as your toes get cold, you can go back, ask your guard to start the fire, sip that drink and look out. If it snows, it’s even better.

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