Brr!  Winter is here!  – The voice

Brr! Winter is here! – The voice

BRR! WINTER IS HERE !: There’s snow coming, much of it! There will be ice cream, lots of it! Our beautiful Anchor Bay will be slippery and slippery with ice almost over to the other shore. Shanties with fishermen, snowmobiles with brave drivers, skaters and even cars driving on the surface of the lake. It is a wonderful time of year to be outdoors and enjoy the winter atmosphere. Dress warmly and be safe, but most of all, have fun!

SHIRLEY IS OFF FOR FIREWORKS JAN. 25: Call 586-531-1934 to book with her. The price is 40 USD per. person, which includes luxury bus transportation, snacks, games, bottled water, a movie and fun. Departure is at Arrival requested at 7.45 in Lowe’s car park at 23 Mile and Gratiot in Chesterfield Township. The casino offers $ 20 games and a $ 5 food voucher. Located in Battle Creek, it leaves around noon. 16.30, an arrival home will be around kl. 19.30

NBIC TESTS BEGIN FEB. 14: After a Christmas season with choir selection, the choir meets again at 19 in First Congregational Church, 36233 Alfred, corner of Base, to prepare for the spring season and concerts in May. There is no fee or audition, just the love of singing with friends and entertaining appreciative audiences since 1966. Contact Director Bette Carrothers by calling 586-725-8051 and becoming a part of the history of our city.

DEJER BAKED FEB. 18. TO MARCH 2: First Congregational Church members and friends, 36223 Alfred, corner of Base, will peel vegetables, roll dough, bake and sell their famous cakes again. To order one or dozens call 586-725-0909. Southeast Michigan customers sold frozen, hot or chilled travel to Our Town just to buy the cakes and marvel at our flags, our businesses, our beautiful Anchor Bay and our kindness. It is a special place and we are lucky to stay here in Flag City!

WINTER PARTY MUST FEB. 25 TO 27: Our city will be alive at the end of Washington with a giant tent and lots of activities inside and out. The New Baltimore Lions Club has been hosting the event for years, and 2022 will be another successful endeavor for the club. Put a cross in the calendar as there are planned events for all ages during the weekend.

SELFRIDGE / CHESTERFIELD LIONS CLUB NEWS: Regular meetings are the first Thursday of each month at. 18.45 at Dimitris Opa restaurant, 50875 Gratiot, at 23 Mile in Chesterfield Township. See the club’s Facebook page or contact Karen by calling 586-822-1987. Join them and serve.

GET RID OF DONNA: With four tours scheduled for 2022, interested travelers are invited to obtain full details by calling 810-966-0017. The tours are: April: San Antonio, Texas and four other cities in the state with an overnight stay in Branson, Missouri; July: Finger Lakes and Castles in New York; Sept .: Maine and Cape Cod; Dec .: Nashville Opryland and Country Christmas, staying at the Opryland Hotel. Call soon. Your name will be put on the travel list without money at this time.

ADDRESS PLATE A SECURITY MEASURE: The green with white number plate is a safe way for emergency vehicles to locate an address in the dark. Ordered in vertical or horizontal style, the plate can be easily attached to a post or a fence. For $ 10 each, call the Ira Township Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary at 586-725-7771 and the order will be completed immediately.

HELP MAINTAINING THE FLAG OF OUR CITY: The New Baltimore Lions Club undertook the huge project, led by Lion Ron Earle, of raising a 160-foot flagpole and adding a 30-foot by 60-foot American flag. Maintenance of the ground and flag requires funding, and Lions would like to receive donations for this purpose. Organizations or individuals can submit contributions to be paid to the New Baltimore Lions Club, PO Box 394, New Baltimore, MI 48047 with the Flag Fund in the check note. It takes $ 9,100 a year to maintain the pole, ground, and replace the flag. Remember the author’s suggested nickname for Our City: Flagby!

GARDEN PLACE A GEM: A few years ago, Nagys brought Haven Place to life, and it has flourished ever since. When they found a suitable building in New Haven, they began offering countless programs and projects for the benefit of others. The many programs Haven Place offers at 58575 Main in New Haven are for all ages and for a better life. Contributions are accepted through Thrivent Active teams, shopping on AmazonSmile or by a check to be paid to Haven Place, at the address above.

MUSEUM CLOSED UNTIL APRIL: The Grand Pacific House Museum, owned and shared by the New Baltimore Historical Society, 51065 Washington, will be closed until April. Those who visited the museum during the Christmas season open house enjoyed treats and tours of the building, guided by board members. Stop by and visit the museum in the spring.

REMEMBER DANISH / BOTTLE COLLECTION: The New Baltimore Lions Club is grateful to those who take the clean empty items to Curves at 35453 23 Mile. The fundraiser supports programs for the blind, including guide dogs for the blind and sending children without sight of summer camp. The collection is important for their work as it earns money for the benefit of others.

ABCF WELCOMES DONATIONS: Anchor Bay Community Foundation, PO Box 88, New Baltimore, MI 48047, is a hard-working organization that receives grants for programs they support and over twenty scholarships awarded to Anchor Bay High School graduating seniors, as well as memorials and fees. The most recent scholarship added is the Robert and Louise Hodson Scholarship with an emphasis on education. To reach ABCF visit or call 586-281-3275.

FLYVE 2022 INSTRUCTIONS: Good morning and welcome to Flight 2022. We are ready to start the new year. Make sure your positive attitude and gratitude is secured and locked in an upright position. All self-destructive devices such as pity, anger, selfishness, pride and anger should be turned off at this point. All negativity, hurt and discouragement should be put away. Should you lose your positive attitude under pressure during this flight, reach up and pull a prayer down. Prayers will be automatically activated by faith. Once your faith is activated, you can help other passengers who are a little believer. This flight will not be allowed. God, our captain, has prepared us for the start. Destination: greatness! I wish you a new year filled with new hope, new joy and new beginning! Welcome to 2022! Thanks to Barbara Schuster.

To report news about your service organization, call Bette Carrothers at 586-725-8051 or email her at

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