Branded Meat-themed Retreats : Meat Retreat

Jack Link’s, the globally recognized manufacturer of meat snacks, is set to pioneer a novel concept in thematic hospitality. This announcement comes in light of the National Jerky Day, as the company debuts a unique meat-centric retreat in Montana, colloquially dubbed as the “Meat Retreat.” The initiative is in line with recent tourism trends highlighted by Expedia, indicating a surge in interest towards ‘cowboy-cation’ – a term coined for vacationing in rural, cowboy-related locales.

Located strategically within Montana’s cattle-rich region, the central attraction of the Meat Retreat is a king suite, meticulously designed to reflect a meat-themed ambiance. The suite incorporates an array of creatively inspired elements such as a bed constructed from beef sticks, linens imprinted with meat patterns, matching meat-themed robes, and an assortment of meat-infused products in the mini-bar. Further, the space is adorned with beef stick bouquets, bolstering the retreat’s carnivorous aesthetic and featuring a limitless supply of jerky.

In addition to the meat-inspired living quarters, the retreat also introduces a one-of-a-kind feature dubbed the “Marination Station.” This unique concept transforms a standard trough into a functional jacuzzi, adding a whimsical touch to the retreat’s offering. For culinary enthusiasts, the retreat offers a diverse meat-centric feast, professionally curated by a private chef, providing an indulgent gastronomic experience.

The itinerary for the 4-night retreat comprises activities congruent with the cowboy lifestyle. Guests have the opportunity to partake in horseback trail rides, receive lessons in horsemanship and roping, and explore the local ecosystem through fly fishing. Additionally, a leather crafting workshop caters to the creatively inclined, rounding off the experience with a traditional hootenanny under the Montana night sky.

Jack Link’s anticipates unveiling the Meat Retreat on June 1, with availability for limited bookings starting from June 12. The initiative presents a unique blend of thematic hospitality with gastronomic indulgence, catering to a niche audience with an affinity for meat-based products and the cowboy lifestyle.

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