Black Series HQ19 – Transforms the road to travel this winter

Black Series HQ19 – Transforms the road to travel this winter

Just as winter began to creep in and families began to plan their holidays, a new variant of Covid-19, this time named Omicron, was discovered in South Africa.

This new strain led to international border closures and a new sense of panic and disappointment. Overseas vacations were canceled and several local trips to resorts and hotels have also been, leaving the holiday a little less cheerful than before. And since winter is already on its way in its first snow and temperatures below freezing, the idea of ​​camping or staying outdoors is also out of the question. Or is it?

Black Series HQ19 – Transforms the road to travel this winter

The Black Series HQ19 – Transforming Holiday Travels

Although hotel stays no longer offer the same appeal these holidays, and camping is ruled out thanks to the cold winter air, there is one way travelers can still enjoy a romantic getaway or a fun family vacation. The Black Series HQ-19 offers the solution to many problems that holidaymakers are now facing. Let’s see how:

Hotel on Wheels

The HQ19 is one of the Black Series’ flagship travel trailers. With spacious, elegant interiors, it is designed with luxury in mind. In fact, the interior of an HQ19 is so stylish that it can compete with the comfort that the world’s best hotels offer.

The bedroom is glorious with a large window on each side that makes it easy to cuddle up with loved ones while watching the snowfall. A cloud-soft queen-size bed ensures a good night’s sleep, and the mounted lamps make it easy to curl up with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa.

The en-suite bathroom has a full shower with hot water for a luxurious way to get warm. And the porcelain toilet, vanity and laundry all sit separately, giving a hotel-style bathroom experience.

If it’s appealing to cook hot meals on a chilly evening, then the HQ19 kitchen is a must. It is equipped with a selection of full-size appliances such as a fridge / freezer, a propane stove and elegant wood veneer.

Enjoy cozy dinners in the dining room with premium imitation leather seats. Travelers entertaining guests for the night can easily fold the seats down to create an extra sleeping area.

Keeps it cozy with the HQ19

While all of this sounds incredible, there are still freezing temperatures to consider. With the aluminum housing and large windows, the HQ19 gets pretty icy cold in the winter, right? Of course, if it was any other motorhome trailer, it might, but the HQ19 is equipped to stay warm and delicious even in the snow.

The Black Series treats the walls and ceiling of the HQ19 with spray foam R16 insulation, which keeps the heat inside and the cold outside in the winter. In addition, there is an oven that allows you to turn up the heat when it gets really cool.

Stay away from the crowds

As if the amount of holiday was not bad enough, the new Covid-19 variant, Omicron, makes them even more cumbersome. This Christmas season, staying away from large gatherings is the best way to avoid getting sick. The Black Series HQ19 can help with that.

The Black Series has designed this overland trailer to be able to venture out into the desert across all types of terrain. What this means is that families can go out into nature and enjoy the silence away from the crowd of holidaymakers.

The HQ19 also comes with a range of features that make it easy to make a living from the web for days at a time, eliminating the need to rely on the facilities that campsites offer – travel virtually anywhere and remain completely self-sufficient.

Black Series fits the HQ19 with a 12V / 110 / V electrical system accompanied by a 2000W Black Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter. Controlling these features is a Black Series Camper Inc. control panel. Four roof-mounted 150W solar panels provide constant charging for this system, and should the weather get awkward, four 100AH ​​batteries will start instead.

Multiple sockets make it easy to keep laptops and smartphones in working order, and a built-in entertainment system will ensure continued fun and enjoyment.

The HQ19 offroad camper trailer also has four separate water tanks for drinking water, fresh water, gray water and black water. In addition, the drinking water passes through a filtration system, while a heating system makes it easy to take a daily hot shower.

Experience nature as a winter wonderland

Because a Black Series off-road camper trailer is equipped with independent tiller suspension, dual shock absorbers and coil springs, it can drive almost anywhere. These unique features make it easy to cross all types of terrain safely, so families can easily venture out into nature, where they can experience the world as a true winter landscape.

With a robust body made of aluminum panels and a diamond-protected finish, external damage to the motorhome is not a problem. Instead, travelers can venture out into a snow-covered field or among the trees to overlook a frozen lake and see nature from a whole new perspective.

Being able to take children out into the wilderness during a season like winter provides a learning experience that is unique and exciting, making what would have been a holiday at home the perfect opportunity to learn and see something new.

A couple heading out on a romantic getaway will find that there is nothing better than sitting around a campfire and making s’mores while the snowflakes drift around.

Concluding thoughts

While it may not offer the festive holiday travelers that travelers had planned, the HQ19 offers a unique alternative that will give families an experience they had never dreamed of.

The safety features combined with the ability to travel across all terrain and live off-grid for extended periods make traveling in the HQ19 off grid trailers an adventure. The luxurious interior and the home appliances and finishes make it feel like a luxury hotel stay, but this time with a far more impressive view.

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