Best Stag Do places on the Mediterranean

Best Stag Do places on the Mediterranean

If you are based anywhere in North America, you know that this winter has already been long. It has been cold and miserable the last few months, with cold weather and gloomy skies filled with rain and snow that have kept us indoors. An escape to a sunny and warm place sounds like a total heaven. Especially if a friend is getting married. If so, we’ve covered you with some of the best bachelorette parties on the Mediterranean.

Stag dos have come a long way from the days of going to a few bars with a bunch of friends and getting as drunk as possible. Some grooms now prefer to include activities like paintball, go-karting and more. Many also choose a long weekend away, one last great vacation with just the guys. If you are planning a bachelorette party for this spring or summer, consider one of these Mediterranean destinations.

Best Stag Do places on the Mediterranean

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Best Stag Do Locations, the classics

When you think of the best bachelorette parties by the Mediterranean, the pictures that come to mind are relaxing on beautiful sandy beaches during the day and partying in wild clubs at night. There are tons of places all over Spain, Greece, France and Italy where you can have this kind of experience. However, some of the best places are on the Spanish islands of Ibiza and Mallorca.

Ibiza and Mallorca are home to some of the hottest clubs in Europe. There are even beach clubs to keep the summer mood going well into the night. Alongside the clubs and beaches, Ibiza has also developed an activity industry to keep you and your friends entertained. This includes go-karting, quad biking, jet boat rides, parasailing, scuba diving and more.

If you’ve been given the task of organizing the red deer but planning is not really your thing, a popular destination like Ibiza is a good choice because there is help just around the corner. There are a number of companies that can help you plan your trip; they offer package deals and can add the activities that will make your friend’s last hurray epic.

Best Stag Do places on the Mediterranean

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The Greek escape

A trip to the Greek islands does not have to be a budget affair. For a more refined Greek holiday, consider going to one of the islands not known for their party beaches. Crete is a good option. It is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands, so you will still have access to restaurants and nightlife that make a red deer exciting.

On an island like Crete you also have the chance to choose luxury accommodation. Resort hotels are not only for girls’ weekends or honeymoons, guys also deserve a little relaxation and pampering. Numo Ierapetra Beach Resort offers all the essential amenities you could wish for without being overly pushy. It is the ideal place for a relaxed bachelor party.

Best Stag Do places on the Mediterranean

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And James Bond weekend

Monaco may not make traditional lists of best bachelorette parties, but if you want to live it up like James Bond (without international espionage and violence, of course), then this is a good choice. Break out the tuxedos and head to the Casino de Monte-Carlo for a glamorous evening of gambling and great dinner. If you and your friends are interested in cars, there is also an antique car museum.

If your budget is not quite enough for a visit to the principality, you can always recreate the experience at home. Dressing up and opening a few bottles of good wine or expensive Scottish will help on the mood. Thanks to streaming technology, an online casino can now offer pretty much the same experience as a land-based casino; you might just need to turn up the heat a bit to get the full Mediterranean feel.

Food, wine and walks

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Food, wine and walks

If you and your friends are looking for an alternative to the regular old barcrawl deer, one option is the Cinque Terre. Hiking in the Cinque Terre is a way to spend quality time connecting with your friends while enjoying the stunning scenery. The five villages along the tour also offer some great dining options.

In any of the villages along the route you will be able to enjoy local Ligurian specialties such as pansotti, a ravioli filled with ricotta and fresh vegetables and served with a walnut sauce, and antipasti di frutti di mare, an antipasto selection with emphasis on fish and seafood rather than traditional meats and cheeses.

If you and your friends are trying to plan a bachelorette party that is a little more adult, the Cinque Terre offers beautiful Mediterranean scenery, great food and wine and the opportunity to spend time together.

Wherever you end up deciding to go, going to one of these best Mediterranean bachelorette party venues is a great way to connect with your friends and celebrate an upcoming wedding. Whether you want a wild beach bash, a luxurious relaxing trip or an adventurous hike, the Mediterranean has something for everyone.

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