Best equipment to help you drink outside this winter

Best equipment to help you drink outside this winter

Whether you love getting outside in all kinds of weather or trying to meet up with friends to be safer during the COVID Omicron climb, there are gear to make the experience more enjoyable.

“Getting outdoors has and will always matter,” said Andrew Altshule, CEO of Outdoor Products. “In the new world of COVID-19, being outside with friends and family is crucial to maintaining mental and physical health. Hiking, biking, trail running and any physical activity outside will help you unwind and relax. of in these uncertain times. “

Even if you are not up for an entire overnight experience in the woods, Altshule suggests that you throw a “campout from home” with a picnic, cookout, outside happy hour or bonfire in the backyard.

For city dwellers who now have a hate-love relationship with the “park hangout”, tip the emphasis on “love” by making sure you have equipment that can both keep you warm and your drinks cold or hot, depending on what you have. guests like and how cold the weather is outside.

Here are ideas to get you started:

Grand Park 2 in 1 package, Outdoor Products, $ 58

This backpack is a good option if you bring drinks for a few people, but also want space to store some other equipment. There is a large main compartment with roller top and hook closure, a detachable insulated cold compartment with an inner ice pack. The padded shoulder straps also have a bottle opener (how convenient is that) and there is an external pocket for drinks in front if you want something upright and practical while on the go.

Puffin Drinks, $ 13 and up

It only took a few seconds between seeing Puffin drinkwear and thinking “this is sweet and absurd” to “this is sweet and I must own more.”

The company says the clad insulators work 20% better than standard koozies and come in a variety of shapes, including mini jackets and cushions for cans and sleeping bags for beer and wine bottles. The looped sleeves on the jackets can even be clipped on your backpack for easier carrying. They work for both hot and cold drinks.

Polish Naspacks, starting at $ 130

For the days you just want to keep living (and drinking) in your sleeping bag all winter, Poler came up with a solution: There are armholes that can be zipped up, and a cinch at the bottom so you can stick your legs out and walk around but come in when you are relaxing. Standard Napsack is suitable for down to 50 degrees to sleep, but is light enough that you can carry it around the house in winter. If you want something a little warmer, you can get the fleece-lined Shaggy Napsack for $ 30 more. Hot tip: Some styles are currently on sale.

Yeti 10-ounce Rambler, $ 20

Yeti products keep things so cold that I wonder if the dark art is involved and would still use the products even if they were – they are so good. This size of 10 ounces is the ideal size for cocktails and can also be used if you enjoy a tip of hot chocolate or a hot cider. It fits in cup holders, has a lid with a magnetic slide closure, and unlike many other double-sided insulated tumblers, it is dishwasher safe. What more do you want?!?

S’well Calcutta gold ice bucket with pliers, $ 50

This ice bucket will take your picnics up several notches on the smart scale, keep the ice colder longer than a standard ice bucket and will not break. It can also serve double duty to cool a wine bottle down if you are in a pinch.

FLICK Brand, $ 99

These tiny cement fireplaces are made to burn isopropyl alcohol, so they are ideal for indoor use because they only soot where the flame touches and keep your walls and ceiling clean. But because they are small and only use alcohol as fuel, they are super portable, so you can easily make s’mores on the go and add a little ambiance to your outdoor hangout.

STOX energy socks, $ 49

Keeping your head warm gets all the buzz (buzz in this case is generations of mothers reminding kids to wear a hat), but a true killer of a good time is cold feet. These compression stockings are great for hiking, but also help keep your circulation up and your feet warmer when just sitting.

’73 Originals On-The-Go Bottle Bag, $ 30

Sometimes you just want to grab a bottle and go. If you need to stroll a bit, this bag keeps your hands free. It has an expandable opening to hold a variety of bottle shapes, an adjustable shoulder strap and a zipper on the side – and it’s currently on sale for $ 22.50.


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