Episode 42: Amie and her friend Covid

Angela talks to the outgoing American Library Association Graphic Novel Round Table President (Prime Minister to be accurate!) Amie Wright about Covid 19, their pets, and the future of libraries. Follow her @librarylandia on Twitter & Instagram, and follow the Graphic Novel Round Table @libcomix to find out more about the awesome programing going on now. #libcomix #educomix

Books mentioned on the pod:

Superman Smashes the Klan: Gene Yang & Gurihiru (DC Comics) Available May 21, 2020

March: John Lewis & Andrew Aydin (Top Shelf)

One Panel Later ep. 41: Heather talks trash

Special guest and librarian Heather makes an appearance while Kelly is still dead to the rest of us. Listen to our rant on comics, what you should pick up, and why she has only read 3 manga….ever.

Books mentioned:

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Ryan North & Erica Henderson (Marvel)

Ms. Marvel: No Normal: G Willow Wilson & Adrian Alphona (Marvel)

Marvel Rising: Devin Grayson, Ryan North, G Willow Wilson (Marvel)

Mockingbird: Can Explain: Chelsea Cain & Kate Niemczyk (Marvel)

Giant Days: John Allsion & Lissa Treiman (Boom)

Patsy Walker aka Hellcat: Hooked on a Feline: Kate Leth & Brittney Williams (Marvel)

Mighty Thor: Thunder in Her Veins: Jason Aaron & Russell Dauterman (Marvel)

Gwen Pool the Unbelievable: Believe it: Christopher Hastings & Gurihiru Gurihiru (Marvel)

Spider Gwen: Jason Latour & Robbi Rodriguez (Marvel)

The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus: Dan Jurgens & Jerry Ordway (D.C Comics) relive the life and death in this omnibus!

The 3 manga Heather has read:

Orange: The complete collection 1: Ichigo Takano (Seven Seas)

(and one day Orange: The complete collection 2)

My Brothers Husband vol 1 & 2 (Gengoroh Tagame)

Book Recommendations:

Hey Kiddo: Jarrett J Krosoczka (Graphix)

After Hours: Yuhta Nishio (Viz)

Episode 40: Solo, Angela Solo

Angela flies solo in this episode and tries to tackle what an Otaku wants. Not mention a look at the history of Batman in Japan. A lot of talk about subjects she knows nothing about.

Books mentioned:


Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga Vol. 1 (Jiro Kuwata) –DC Comics

Batman and the Justice League Vol. 1. (Shiori Teshirogi) — DC Comics

Try watching: Batman Ninja


Books to jump into!

Superman: Red Son ( Mark Millar & Dave Johnson) — DC Comics

Batman: The Long Halloween (Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale) –DC Comics

Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk (Greg Pak & Carlo Pagulayan) –Marvel

Spiderman: Ultimate Spiderman Collection (Brian Michael Bendis & Mark Bagley)

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-man Ultimate Collection (Brian Michael Bendis & Sara Pichelli) — Marvel Comics

ALSO go watch Into the Spiderverse!!

Wonder Woman: The Circle (Gail Simone) — DC Comics


Books I wish I could recommend:

Superman: All Star Superman (Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely)

Vision: More than a man (Tom King & Gabriel Hernandez Walta)




Episode 38: The Holiday Graphic Novel Gift Guide

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Ep 34.png

Angela and Kelly get in the holiday spirit with a graphic novel gift guide to cover all your friends and family’s interests, from your snooty aunt who only reads nonfiction to your edgy friend who likes manga filled with DARKNESS. Share the gift of good books – give a comic this season!

Book Reviews (50:07):

KellyMob Psycho 100 by ONE (Dark Horse

Angela: The Wrenchies by Farel Dalrymple (First Second)

Episode 36: Politics in Comics, or VOTE VOTE VOTE

Copy of Copy of Copy of Ep 34

Angela and Kelly dive into politics in comics just in time for the midterms. Have comics gotten more political recently? Is it time to get those silly politics out of our serious cape comics? And what counts as political speech these days anyway? Plus, a look at the Marvel firing of author Chuck Wendig, and a reminder to get out and VOTE!

Book Reviews (50:55):

KellyStray Bullet Baby by Kei Ichikawa (Kodansha Digital)

Angela: Shibuya Goldfish by Hiroumi Aoi (Yen Press)

Mentioned on the pod (in order of appearance):

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