Atlanta’s mayor shares holiday meal preparation

Atlanta’s mayor shares holiday meal preparation

This time, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms decided to bake something different, and Twitter has been much kinder to responding.

ATLANTA – Back in 2018, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms caused a bit of a stir. The Atlanta leader did not push for a controversial policy or dish up anything inappropriate in an official statement. It all came down to Christmas dinner.

This year for Thanksgiving, however, the Atlanta leader has decided to go a different direction. Tied boiled a pie.

“Before you ask, I stayed in my lane this year.” said the bottom.

One comment read “Well played.” Another read: “There you are mayor … you did well!”

At the time of writing, Bottoms received largely comforting messages of support for her latest holiday creation. But things were not always so civil on social media for the Atlanta leader in previous years.

Many families take to Twitter during the holidays to share photos of their Christmas sweaters, decorations and tasty homemade dinners. Christmas Day 2018, the mayor of Atlanta was no different.

Bottoms posted a picture of her homemade mac and cheese for family dinner, then the comments came pouring in.

“The cheese sauce is missing. You can not just put grated cheese on and think it’s mac and cheese.” One user commented.

“No, Madam Mayor this is TERRIBLE” said another commentator.

“Trash and cheese” added a user.

The messages did not stop there. The grief flowed into the thousands. The outrage ranged from “bless your heart” to “This picture dried out my contact lenses.” It all ultimately drew some retaliation from the mayor of Atlanta.

“Lol … For the shady no cooking crew, add more cheese a few minutes at the end and then mix it to make it juicy. Trust me, nothing dry here.” said the bottom.

The Atlanta leader’s own mother came in on Christmas morning controversy.

Breaks me. My mother said, ‘Oh, it looks dry, but it was not. That’s what you get for posting. ‘ She would be the first to throw it. “Keisha Lance Bottoms admitted on Twitter.

The Atlanta mayor’s family continued to have fun with that unusual social media moment.

Even Stouffer’s, an authority on quick home cooking, decided to weigh in.

A year later, Bottoms had a new message for the haters. It was a new Christmas mac and cheese family meal.

What the next chapter in the Atlanta mayor’s holiday saga will contain is still unknown. But readers can rest assured that Twitter commentators will be ready – for better or worse.

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