Aldi’s affordable £ 35 soup machine is a bargain in January

Aldi’s affordable £ 35 soup machine is a bargain in January

Aldi's affordable soup machine is finally back in stock.  (Getty Images)

Are you looking for a soup machine? Stop leading. (Getty Images)

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It’s January, which means the soup season is upon us, and we can not say that we are sad.

A bowl of hot soup is food for the soul, as well as the stomach, and provides a comforting dinner, appetizer or quick lunch al-desko.

Therefore, when we saw that Aldi was selling an Ambiano soup machine for £ 34.99, we knew we had to have it.

Why do we rate it:

Let’s face it, every winter we tell ourselves we make lots of delicious soups, only to do it once with our hand blender, find it an absolute faff and call it a day.

Well, this affordable soup machine can just change that.

Whether you prefer smooth or chunky soups, the gadget has four built-in features: smooth, chunky, blend without heating and reheat / keep warm mode – so you can have a soup made to your exact taste and specifications.

Ambiano Soup Maker is ideal for heating winter meals.  (Aldi)

Ambiano Soup Maker is ideal for heating winter meals. (Aldi)

£ 34.99 at Aldi

It can also hold up to 1.6 liters, making it perfect for the whole family. Plus, it’s easy to clean, which we all know is a huge bonus.

Do you want to use it all year round? The multifunctional gadget can even be used to whip cold drinks, which means it does not collect dust in the warmer months.

What the reviews say:

Last year, Aldi released the same soup machine, which sold out extremely quickly, and there are nearly 250 reviews proving that the affordable gadget is a hit.

  • “This is definitely the best purchase I’ve made this year, it’s so easy to use and once you’ve cut into cubes, the ingredients take 20 minutes to prepare a delicious ready to eat fresh soup.”

  • “My daughter had bought one of these soup makers and was excited about it. So I took her recommendation and bought one and I can confirm what a good, simple gadget (it is) to use. Perfect soup every time and very easy to use. At this price, it’s not really a risky purchase. “

  • “This is a very good soup machine and very easy to use. You just have to cut everything very small, put it in the machine and cook it. It can be boiled smooth or left thick, but then in the end there is the extra possibility to blend a little more to your liking. The only thing I would suggest is that you fry any onions first to soften them. “

  • “This is such a good device! Something I never knew I needed and now I can not stop using it!”

Buy it: Ambiano Soup Maker | £ 34.99 from Aldi

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