AI-powered fresh food vending machines

Food tech startup, Daily Blends, is set to transform the vending industry with the launch of its AI-powered fresh food vending machines. The innovative machines, offering a variety of fresh foods sourced from local providers, leverage AI to maintain optimal freshness and predict consumer behavior.

Daily Blends’ state-of-the-art vending machines are a leap forward in vending technology. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, the machines provide consumers with fresh, healthy food options round the clock. The AI technology not only ensures optimal freshness and quality of the food but also enables the machines to predict consumer behavior and adjust their inventory accordingly.

The proprietary technology enables Daily Blends to offer a broad range of fresh food options, from salads to sandwiches and smoothies, all sourced from local food providers. The machines are equipped with an advanced cooling system to maintain optimal temperatures, ensuring that the food stays fresh throughout the day.

Alongside the launch, Daily Blends announced a successful $2 million funding round, demonstrating strong investor confidence in their disruptive technology and business model. The recent $2 million funding underscores investor confidence in Daily Blends’ unique business model and innovative technology. This injection of capital will support the company’s mission to revolutionize the vending industry and bring fresh, healthy food to consumers everywhere.

In a significant development, Daily Blends also disclosed a multi-year partnership with Metrolinx. As a part of this alliance, Daily Blends’ vending machines will be installed across Metrolinx transit locations, thus providing commuters easy access to fresh, healthy food options.

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