Afraid of a sore throat?  5 special winter recipes to keep you warm

Afraid of a sore throat? 5 special winter recipes to keep you warm

Winter brings a welcome change in the air after the balmy and sweaty summer, but also poses a high risk of getting infections such as colds and coughs. With the current Omicron scare looming large, everyone is on guard against sore throats. Fortunately, winter also offers a wealth of warm, warming drinks that are looked up to as good preventative measures that provide the much-needed relief of sore throats. While hot chocolate and coffee are our good companions, we may also want to get acquainted with other healthier hot drinks that will help you stay healthy this season.

Here we have compiled a list of some winter drinks that can help stave off coughs and keep you fresh and healthy in the winter.

Here are 5 special winter recipes to keep you warm:

1. Ginger garlic:

It can be difficult to consume too much ginger in the summer. But winter is the time to get full of this warming and healing spice, and the same goes for garlic. Ginger is anti-inflammatory in nature with the presence of volatile oils. Garlic offers antiviral properties from its high sulfur content. Click here for the recipe for ginger garlic tea.

ginger tea

2. Beetroot soup

The special winter vegetable of beetroot is full of antioxidants – this and all other nutrients in this healthy vegetable are included in this soup that can help prevent and manage coughs and colds. Click here for the recipe.

Spice Kadha

Get something with lots of whole spices and you will instantly feel the heat fill up inside you. And if the same spices are found in a hot kadha on a cool day, it’s even better. Make this healing kadha (or spice tea) with cloves, cinnamon, turmeric and more such spices. Click here for the recipe.

Besan Ka Sheera

Think of it as halwa, only slightly fluid. Besan ka sheera is a popular home remedy that has been used to treat coughs and colds for ages. Grams of flour are toasted and cooked with ghee, milk and black pepper powder. One can also add sugar or jaggery to make it sweet. Click here for the recipe.

5. Lun spinach salad

This salad is one of a kind – it is eaten warm. Made with winter superfood – spinach, along with mushrooms, the salad is spiced with garlic, lemon juice, soy sauce, sugar and sesame seeds. Eat this as it is, or take advantage of toast or croutons. Click here for the recipe.


Say ‘no’ to itchy throat this season. Stay warm with these amazing recipes.

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