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Acoustic Signal Fishing Traps : ropeless fishing gear

Jasco Applied Sciences, a leading underwater acoustics company, has developed a new ropeless fishing technology aimed at reducing the number of whales caught in fishing gear and helping fishers. The technology works by releasing traps into the water, which can be retrieved by an acoustic signal. The traps are equipped with inflatable bladders that fishers can trigger to bring them up to the surface, making them easier and safer to retrieve.

Ropeless fishing gear is still in its infancy, but there are high hopes among scientists and fishers that its widespread adoption will help curb whale entanglements with fishing gear and allow the species to recover. The technology has been tested in the waters off the coast of Newfoundland and is also being tested in the United States, where a group called the Ropeless Consortium is working with Jasco.

However, there are some challenges to the widespread adoption of the technology, such as its current cost, which is a barrier to its widespread use. Jasco’s engineering manager, John Moloney, has stated that the company’s technology will make ropeless fishing more affordable and that the traps will last for about 10 seasons, whereas traditional gear is often used for only one.

The federal Fisheries Department has been supportive of the development of ropeless fishing technology but still has to figure out how to regulate it. Despite these challenges, Jasco and its partners are optimistic about the future of ropeless fishing and believe that in 10 years, it will replace rope fishing completely. With its potential to reduce the harm to whales and other marine life and make fishing easier and safer, the ropeless fishing technology developed by Jasco Applied Sciences is poised to be a game changer in the world of fishing.

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