7 budget-friendly healthy snacks you should try at Aldi in January, according to staff

7 budget-friendly healthy snacks you should try at Aldi in January, according to staff

Do not let New Year’s pressure keep you from snacking. As long as you are aiming for healthy and satisfying snacks, snacks are a great way to hold on to your energy throughout the day. While you could always cut down on the cost of making your own snacks at home, it’s sometimes hard to resist picking something up at the store. The good news is that Aldi has just put together some of its healthiest, cheapest snack options so you can eat well and stay on budget.

This mix of chips, nuts and protein-filled snacks has something for everyone, whether you enjoy something sweet, spicy or spicy. Read on for seven of the healthy snacks Aldi employees recommend for a budget-friendly January.

Aldi Grocery with a treatment

Aldi Grocery with a treatment

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7 healthy snacks to buy at Aldi in January

Simply Nature Sea Salt Pita Chips

You can split the difference between purchased and homemade snacks if you pair these crispy chips with a filling dip like homemade hummus or salmon and cream cheese dip. You can even turn a bag of these into a plate of healthy nachos if you feel ambitious.

Simply Nature White Cheddar Popcorn Chips

Popcorn is a filling and delicious way to quench your hunger between meals – a dietitian says it is the best snack for weight loss. These popcorn crisps add extra cheesiness to the classic snack so you can enjoy something tasty and filling.

Southern Grove 100-calorie salt and pepper or dill pickle cashews

You will want to store these small packets of flavor nuts in your desk drawer or glove compartment for a quick fix. Commentators say they are obsessed with the variety of dill jam, where one person writes that they “buy several boxes at a time.”

Zero-Sugar Spicy JalapeƱo Smoked Sausage

These spicy snacks contain 9 grams of protein per. portion and they will be a perfect companion for your next hike or road trip. These snacks also come in an original flavor for those who would rather avoid the heat – pick up a 9.5-ounce bag for $ 8.99.

Fit & Active 100-calorie yogurt-dipped pretzels

Every fan of combining sweet and savory flavors will want to have their fingers in these snack packs. Each box contains six servings of 100 calories, so they are ideal for someone who needs to grab goodies.

PopCorners Flex Buffalo Protein Crisps

These popcorn chips boast 10 grams of protein per serving. serving and has only 90 calories so you can eat easily and still get a nutritional boost. Commentators are in love with Flex chips, where a person chimps in to ask Aldi to “keep selling those buffalo protein chips !!!!!!” Another recommends barbecue flavors if your store is out of buffalo.

Simply Nature Peanut Butter Coconut Crisps

Here is a sweet treat that is easy on the wallet. A serving of eight of these vegan and gluten-free cookies contains just 160 calories and 9 grams of sugar, and one commenter calls them “a favorite.”

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