5 warm and soothing winter drinks you would like to survive in this cool weather

5 warm and soothing winter drinks you would like to survive in this cool weather

Each season brings with it a wealth of delicious and vibrant seasonal delicacies. If it’s the cooling cucumbers and sweet mangoes for the summer, it’s definitely the nutritious green vegetables and warming sesame seeds for the winters. And if those seasonal changes in our diet were not enough, we have a list of other things we can rely on to help us survive this cold. For example, with the onset of winter, we can add various hot drinks, soups and stews to our diet to help us deal with the harsh weather conditions. And since the nipped weather makes us lazy and lethargic, these winter drinks are usually filled with healthy ingredients that will give us just the energy boost we need. While tea and coffee are undoubtedly an audience favorite, what we need is a little more than that. Here is a list of nutritious and delicious classic winter drinks that have warming ingredients to help with healthy health.

5 warm and soothing winter drinks:

1. Apple China Punch:

Both apples and oranges are common winter fruits that are abundantly available in season. You can try making this warm and soothing apple kinu punch to keep you cozy and comfortable in the cool weather. An aromatic and fruity drink, the apple-kinu punch also has a simple recipe; try it here.

hot apple punch

Apple punch is a warm winter drink

2. Chai Dinner:

A beautiful rosy Kashmiri tea, Noon chai is a must try if you like to experiment with your morning cup. The color and aroma of this delicacy will definitely make people ask for recipes. The tea can be prepared with basic ingredients such as tea leaves, milk and salt, or you can make a very authentic and tasty version with added whole spices and garnishes. Click here for the recipe for Kashmiri Noon Chai.

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3. Masala hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is as classic as it can get when talking about winter drinks, but have you ever tried masala hot chocolate? A spicy desi-spin to the original recipe, all you need are cinnamon sticks, cloves and cardamom to give it an instant spice. Try it today with this recipe here.


Masala hot chocolate is a delicious winter drink

4. Hot Toddy

If you are looking for an effortless, soothing winter drink, a warm Toddy is definitely the best choice. Made by simply boiling tea and whole spices together, this recipe is just what you need on these winter nights. The recipe has both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions, read about it here.

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5. Masala Doodh:

Masala Doodh is a wonderful combination of the taste of milk, spices and dried fruits. It is nutritious, healthy and can be enjoyed at any time of year due to the many benefits it brings. You can try the classic masala doodh or an aromatic kesari masala doodh or the always famous haldi masala doodh. Read about all three recipes here.

haldi doodh

Masala doodh is one of the classic winter drinks

There you have it, these winter drinks will keep you warm and cozy during the winter months. Which one do you brew first? Tell us in the comments below


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