5 new books by Cape Cod authors

5 new books by Cape Cod authors

The holidays are over, the weather is cold and there are a myriad of other reasons why you would like to stay inside and curl up with a book. Local authors have some ideas, with books published on a variety of topics published in recent months.

If cooking is your winter comfort, a Cape Cod-based family has teamed up for a book that offers ways to save money on sky-high food prices, but with delicious and healthy recipes. Local poets have put together a collection of writings that provide insight into this beautiful place we call home.

For fiction readers, there is a story about sisters uncovering secrets at their grandmother’s home on the island, a mysterious story set in Dennis’ Cape Playhouse, and a novel about political intrigue set in Europe when World War II begins. Take a look:

5 new books by Cape Cod authors

“The $ 5 Foodie: Cook Better, Spend Less, Enjoy More,” by Lucy Holland and Carol Rizzoli, starring Ethan Eron, Amanda Eron and Hugo Rizzoli (2021, independently published)

This family project began when Barnstable residents Carol and Hugo’s three children went to college. Carol shared easy, inexpensive home recipes with them, so to combat expensive eateries, everyone contributed ideas to what started as a website (https://www.thefivedollarfoodie.com/), and now this book. The 55 recipes and 11 menus, many of which are created and photographed in Cape cuisine, are designed to offer high taste and healthy ingredients at a low price, plus provide tips on shopping well and using food at hand. Part of book sales support organizations that provide hunger relief and nutrition education.

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