5 low-fat winter drinks that can help you lose weight during the Christmas season

5 low-fat winter drinks that can help you lose weight during the Christmas season

We all somehow tend to loosen up the strings on our rigid weight loss diet during the holiday season. When lethargy sets in on these short, gloomy, cool days, we find solace in warm, indulgent food. And the party atmosphere makes us want to grab everything good and fat. And we do not mind it until we weigh ourselves at the end of the season and do not regret controlling our diet. In an attempt to avoid this situation once again, we decided to give our stomachs a little break from the heavy foods and treat ourselves to some low-calorie drinks that can help us keep track of our weight loss journey.

Hot chocolate, gajar ka halwa, endless cups of coffee – all this pretty much sums up our winter time. While you may be pampering yourself with these winter necessities, hydrate and warm yourself with these low-calorie beverages that will bring in their various nutritional properties and also help with weight loss along the way.

Low calorie beverages for the winter:

1. Carrot juice

A 100 ml carrot juice contains 39 calories. This low-calorie healthy drink is also said to boost eyesight and hair health. To make carrot juice, simply peel 3-4 carrots, cut them into small pieces, toss them in a juicer / mixer, add a little water, salt and black salt and blend to juice. Squeeze a little lemon juice, mix and drink up.

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2. Kadha

Many immune-driven people have made kadha a part of their daily lives. The hot drink is made by boiling a combination of different whole spices. Spices contain no calories, so this is the ideal drink to increase weight loss while keeping you healthy and safe. Although there are many kadha recipes you may come across, we swear by this one.

3. Honey-ginger-lemon tea

Ginger is one of the best foods to have in the winter. Its antioxidant and antibacterial properties make it a must-have ingredient in winter meals. Good for us that ginger is a super-poor food that tastes just as good in beverages as in food. Tea made with ginger is super soothing for clogged throat and nose. Add the lemon flavor and sweetness of honey to it and you have a delicious winter drink to chat in season. Here is the recipe.

4. Beetroot juice

Winter brings with it various seasonal fruits and vegetables, and beetroot is one of those low-calorie vegetables that should be added to your diet for many reasons. Peel, chop and juice the beets and enjoy with a splash of black salt.

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5. Warm Bathua puree soup

Bathua is one of the many attractive green vegetables found in abundance this season. Just cook a lot of this low-calorie vegetable, and blend with the boiled water to puree it. Then add salt, roasted cumin and lemon juice, warm up again and drink it hot.

Weight loss in the winter is not as difficult as you thought; only if you have the right recipes with you.


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