47 fast and healthy winter dinners

47 fast and healthy winter dinners

Bowls of soup gold!

1. Red lentil soup with milk

If you are a lover of lentils, then this creamy dish is a winner.

2. Malaysian salmon (cheat salmon)

Just because you’re on a time frame does not mean you can not enjoy a good laksa. This recipe combines fresh ingredients with a laksa paste, which means a lot of the preparation is done for you. Score!

3. Middle Eastern spicy cauliflower soup

This thick and creamy soup is all about nurturing your broth and spice.

4. Butternut and apple soup with salt and vinegar chips

Feel the winter heat with good pumpkin soup – the kicker is the sweet, sour addition from the apple and the crispy kale chips.

5. Wonton soup with shrimp and mushrooms

Ready in 30 minutes, this clear soup is full of ginger, soy and water spinach to keep your wontons warm.

Spicy pork and miso udon noodle soup

Think rich, thick and moderately spicy: This Japanese-style soup is a winter-night favorite.

7. Celeriac, potato and fried garlic soup

At the root of this vegetable soup is the celery cousin, the celeriac. Add potatoes to the mixture and you have a super satisfying meal.

8. Chicken coconut soup

Made with coconut cream and milk, this divine Cambodian chicken soup comes from Luke Nguyen.

9. Korean beef and rice soup

Simple, satisfying and bursting with flavor, say no more!

10. Chili and garlic congee with shiitake mushrooms

Congee is always comforting.

5 more soups to make you bowl!

Wok on!

16. Weighed lamb with leeks and coriander

Aromas of cumin will quickly flood your kitchen with this touched well.

17. Korean mushroom and glass noodle batter

This dish requires sweet potato noodles, deliciously tough and jelly-like in consistency. You can buy them in most Asian supermarkets.

18. Stirred grated roti

Just because it’s winter, does not mean you can become colorful and tasteful with this fry. make it with eggs, beef or chicken – the choice is yours.

19. Waxed sesame chicken noodles

This quick and healthy dish will soon become a weekly staple.

20. Calamari stir with glass noodles, garlic shoots and baby corn

Calamari cooks in no time, so fire up your wok and toss through your vegetables to get this juicy number.

21. Fried pipis with black beans, chili and olive oil

Our seasonal chef, O Tama Carey, uses olive oil to complement the flavor of the black beans, as well as the warmth of the chili, to create this chic meal.

22. Char kway teow

A Malaysian-style meal for those who fancy chili. This makes you dig straight out of the wok, so good it is.

23. Fried lemongrass steak with warm vermicelli noodle salad

If you love a live salad but would like a little more winter warmth, Luke Nguyen’s vermicelli bowl will do the trick.

24. Fried hoisin pork and snake beans

Often, the best stir-fries are the simplest, and this recipe provides an effortless dish.

25. Dark hockey noodles

Poh Ling Yeow gives us a family favorite. This is a dark dish designed for the ‘non-spicy’ eaters out there, so the little ones will love it too.

5 more reasons to stir-fry

Curry is up!

31. Vietnamese-style vegetable curry with peanuts

Inspired by a Vietnamese chicken curry, this vegetarian version is not too spicy and has a touch of sweetness.

32. Chicken tikka masala

The power is in this sauce and you can thicken this bottom by using tomato, cream and nuts.

33. Green curry of sin qua, pea aubergine and fried tofu

Fresh homemade curry paste without all that fuss. This vegetarian green curry can be modified to include chicken, beef or fish.

34. Cauliflower and potato curry

Cauliflower is such a great vegetable to use in your curry dishes, and this recipe also allows you to add proteins and vegetables you have on hand.

35. Kale and coconut butter

Turmeric gives this crispy cabbage bowl a earthy taste and an excellent yellow hue. Perfect to serve with your curry!

A little risotto and a little pasta?

39. Porcini mushroom and kale buckwheat risotto

Deliciously rich, this is a great recipe for those who need a vegan and gluten-free version.

40. Freekeh risotto with broccolini, lemon and ricotta

Freekeh is popular in Middle Eastern and North African cuisines and resembles brown rice.

41. Broccoli pasta with anchovies, chili and currants

This dish has converted many anchovy resisters, so if this is you, why not give it a try. Their taste is perfectly balanced in this sauce.

42. Whole wheat fettuccine with kale, caramelized onions and marinated goat cheese

Use a marinated goat cheese here for the little extra on top.

What about those healthy plates that pop?


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