31 New Year’s dinners for good luck

31 New Year’s dinners for good luck

New Year’s dinner can mean many different things to different people: If you decide to eat healthier, you might be looking for recipes filled with protein and vegetables. If this is the year where you finally have to learn how to cook basic, classic recipes like fried chicken and lasagna, we have our go-to recipes. It can mean a chance to break old habits and try new recipes. It can also mean that this is one of your last days to spend with your extended family and friends over the holidays, so one last hurray in the form of an audience-friendly dinner is on the cards.

Whatever hopes and dreams you have for the new year, we hope it is filled with good luck and delicious food.

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1. Cheesy, creamy black-eyed peas

For many people in the South, eating black-eyed peas and green New Year’s Day is a sign of prosperity and luck. There are a number of theories as to why this may be true, but this Brazilian recipe is a delicious way to test superstition yourself.

2. Cast iron pot Cornbread

Another tradition is to eat frying pan cornbread on New Year’s Day. I will never argue against eating more cornbread, so it’s a tradition I can get behind; the golden color is said to look like gold and consuming it is believed to give you great wealth in the coming year.

3. My big fat halloumi salad

This is for anyone who decided to eat healthier in the new year and already regrets it: The crunch from roasted almonds, sweet dates, roasted eggplant, crispy chickpeas and grilled halloumi is proof that better-for-you meals can also taste better than you imagined.

4. Instant Pot (or not) soy-ginger pork with noodles and greens

In Japanese culture, eating long, twisted noodles (okay, I added in the twisted part) is said to be a symbol of a long life ahead, and pork is seen as another food that symbolizes prosperity. Together, they create one satisfying, tasty meal that promises good for everyone.

5. Zesty and Zippy Tangled Collards

Do you feel lucky? Like cornbread, the color of the collard represents a prosperous New Year, but this time it is in relation to green money.

6. Chickpeas and cheddar sauce with chickpea crispies

If you’re hoping to incorporate more protein-rich, plant-based ingredients into your diet over the New Year, this chickpea-based mac and cheese is a great place to start. In addition, it is child-friendly for your little ones to enjoy while they are at home during the school holidays.

7. Andrea Nguyen’s vegan “Chicken” Phở

Trying to cook on pho is a great way to kickstart your decision to cook more generally. It takes a lot of time to put together, which makes this a great recipe for your day off.

8. Vegan Slow-Cooker Tomatillo Casserole

Have you decided to eat less meat in the new year? This hearty stew is packed with two kinds of beans, canned chili and tomatillos. Our readers have tried to add tofu, tempeh and plant-based beef to the mix with great success.

9. Pad Thai from Kris Yenbamroong

Follow Kris Yenbamroong’s tips for making his famous pad thai recipe for a simple and delicious New Year’s dinner.

10. Mimi’s Pan Pizza Dough, Two Ways

If you have children at home who are going crazy during the winter holidays, get them to help in the kitchen by making this pizza plate with all the toppings that their heart desires.

11. Porcini Mushroom Risotto

This seemingly simple rice dish all comes down to technique. “Two of the most important tips to make sure it comes out perfectly: Do not overlook the quality of the broth and make sure the rice has a good bite,” writes Kristina Gill. Luckily, you have all day – do it all year – to perfect your craft and consistently pick out amazing risotto.

12. Sheet-Pan shrimp and broccoli with cocktail sauce

If you are not quite done with shrimp after the holiday season, this muted plate food will hit the spot.

13. Slowly fried chicken with extra crispy skin

Our editors call this a best-of-all-worlds fried chicken. “In one simple recipe, you get both extremely tender, rotisserie-like meat plus the crispiest skin imaginable. Unheard of! It’s also almost impossible to overcook and extra easy to cut, and not a bit will go to waste – everything together thanks to one of the more surprising Genius tricks yet. “

14. Tangy baked salmon with Calabrian Chile

Historically, healthy food has not always gone hand in hand with comfort food. But away with old tradition and in with this baked laxative that is equal parts nourishing and warming.

15. Pasta with green pea sauce and lots of pecorino

This pasta dish is an ode to spring that just looks around the corner and gives us a glimpse of its mint-like, fresh taste.

16. Lentil, tomato and olive baked cod with lemon caper vinaigrette

In Italy, lentils are believed to bring good luck on New Year’s Day (a delicious superstition that goes back to ancient Rome). Here they are surrounded by tomatoes, olives and cod for a healthy dinner in cold weather that will feed a crowd.

17. Tomato soup with a whole clove of garlic

In most parts of the country, New Year’s Day not only means a chance to reset; it also means winter is here. Taste yourself with a bowl of this tasty and super-easy soup recipe that will keep you satisfied on the single degree days.

18. Instant Pot Beef Bourguignon

Do you sense a theme? Can you see I’m cold? Nothing warms the soul – or feeds a herd – the way beef bourguignon does. Making it in an Instant Pot is ideal for impromptu guests.

19. Brown butter paste with butternut squash, walnuts and sage

I just come out and say it – I miss autumn. It’s January (or maybe almost January, depending on when you read this). The holidays are over. Everything is dark and cold and miserable. But this nutty, buttery pasta dish studded with walnuts and sprinkled with sage reminds me that there are good things in life to be happy about.

20. Chetna Makan’s Chili

The epitome of comfort food in cold weather is chili. You can make an absolutely delicious, hearty version without any meat at all; this puts kidney beans and black beans in tent lighting.

21. Cheesy, meaty lasagna

Rick Martinez may have developed our favorite lasagna recipe over time. Every element of it is just very, very good.

22. Instant Pot pork chops with mushrooms and parmesan

Have you just received an Instant Pot for Christmas and have absolutely no idea what to put up with it? Been there, did it, and then made this amazing boned pork chop recipe. It is a homemade meal that resembles the best form of restaurant cooking.

23. Chickpea noodle soup

We love a flexible, versatile recipe that is not too fussy. In fact, it’s kind of our MO. “I’m looking for a variety of vegetables, but do not take a special trip to the store if you are missing one or two. Embrace substitutes. The combination of protein-rich chickpeas and starchy noodles gives this hearty vegan soup body.” says recipe developer and substitute Abra Berens.

24. One-Pot Squash and Build Bowl with Miso

The creamy, spicy taste of this cereal bowl is perfect for winter. “This easy one-pot meal is the kind of dish that looks and tastes like something you’ve been simmering all day, but it actually comes together in under 45 minutes – with very little attention,” writes Amy Chaplin.

25. Perfect vegetable buns

Challenge yourself to learn a new cooking technique in the new year with this beautifully simple recipe for dumplings made with homemade wraps.

26. Slow-Cooker Pasta and Beans

27. Vegan mushroom pie with melted leeks and herbs

New Year’s Day means a few things: it’s probably cold outside, you probably have family around you, and you probably have some time to spend cooking in the kitchen. I do not want to call this meat-free pie a work of love, but it does require some care and attention – in my book it is perfect for dinner.

28. Raos meatballs

When we talk about mastering essential skills in the kitchen, meatballs top the list. If you’ve never made them before, there’s no better recipe to start with than NYC’s famous Rao’s restaurant, which requires hot water for extra moisture.

29. Butternut Squash Risotto with mushrooms

This creamy risotto recipe is a one-to-two punch of family-friendly comfort food that has a seasonal spin for January. “Pour yourself a glass of wine, turn on the music, and move on to relaxation,” writes recipe developer Eric Kim.

30. Slow-Cooker chicken soup with ginger and fennel

We are very busy with slow-cooker meals all winter, but especially New Year’s Day. Not only does it deliver consistently hot and nutritious meals, but its “put it and forget it” technology is perfect on a day when you might feel a little slow and sluggish.

31. Lazy Ratatouille with pork chops

In addition to decisions, this cozy pig and vegetable medley is perfect for a family dinner at the start of the new year, because baby, it is still cold outside.

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