30 cozy Slow Cooker meals that will warm you up this winter

30 cozy Slow Cooker meals that will warm you up this winter

The mornings are filled with frost and new snow, the evenings are cold – and whether you go out in the cold or stay comfortably indoors, there is nothing better in the winter than to end your day with a comforting meal that really warms you up from within. and out. But making cozy dishes does not mean you have to spend time whipping recipes together on your stove or inside your oven. You can make winter-ready meals in no time at all (or yes, what seems like no time!) with your faithful slow cooker.

Safe, slow cooker dinners take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours of cooking and simmering. But it will do all the hard work for you while you go on your busy day, making it a convenient solution for any night of the week. And we’ve put together some of our coziest, most comforting slow cooker recipes that will quench your hunger as you warm up this winter.

Satisfactory soups and stews

If there is perhaps one category of dishes that the slow cooker is best known and most used for, it is stews and soups! And who does not bother to dig a spoon into a soup or stew when the winter weather is at its worst? Whether you choose light and broth-like or thick and creamy, your slow cooker can transform even the toughest ingredients (look at you, lentils!) And budget-friendly proteins into delicious lunches and dinners. As an added bonus, these cozy recipes often come together in your slow cooker without the need to break out – and dirty – extra pots, pans or tools.

Comforting chili and curry dishes

Beans, lentils, chopped vegetables, lots of herbs and spices – chili and curries are everything in one heating bowl. And with the help of your slow cooker, you can take the hours of simmering and stirring required on the stove and make them completely hands-free. Plus, creating chili or curry in your slow cooker allows you to create even richer flavors in these spicy, completely comforting dishes. Try these different flavors to spice up your usual recipes with something new.

Warming stews

Do you think your slow cooker is only for soups and stews or meat-based entrees? This wonder with one casserole can also turn out to give some seriously impressive casserole dishes – and it is the perfect vessel to add flavor to layers, gather a number of the winter’s best vegetables of the season and of course top it all with some delicious sticky cheese. These slow cooker stews are the ultimate in comfort food. And best of all, they do not require you to turn on your oven.

Winter-ready meat dishes

Centering your meals around protein – and specifically different kinds of meat – can be a challenge if you are trying to save time. Your slow cooker can be your biggest ally, so you can pop everything from beef to chicken to lamb right inside and cook slowly over hours. Plus, many meat-based entrees can be prepared right next to your vegetables and side dishes for an even easier and more efficient dinner solution.

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