26 Fall Recipes – New York Times

26 Fall Recipes – New York Times

There is no doubt about the divine pleasures of autumn cooking as these fresh, quick summer dishes give way to hot stews, hearty stews and sips of bourbon. Below are more than two dozen recipes that New York Times Food staff look forward to making as we enter this year’s most charming season.

I am ready to start pulling hot spicy delicacies out of the oven so that my apartment smells of maximum comfort. For that, there is this sweet potato tea cake that Tejal Rao adapted from Elisabeth Prueitt from Tartine Bakery. Not only does it smell amazing while baking, but it also has a great meringue on top that I just know I want to perfect one day. KRYSTEN CHAMBROT

Recipe: Sweet potato tea cake with meringue

I look forward to opening the windows and letting the cool autumn air whip through my kitchen while Regina Schrambling’s dijon and cognac steak stew simmers on the stove. I’m going to drink a Nor’easter; it’s like a Dark and Stormy, but made with bourbon and sweetened with a touch of maple syrup – the ideal autumn drink. MARGAUX LASKEY

Just before the weather got nuclear this summer, I was planning on making Samantha Seneviraten’s Mississippi mud pie. I was not fast enough. But now that the weather is cooling off, I look forward to this perfect project baking with four wonderful layers of sugar: a graham biscuit base, a delicious brownie cake, rich chocolate cream and cold whipped cream. It’s exactly the kind of dessert I would like to make on a crisp Saturday morning before rolling up to the tailgate. NIKITA RICHARDSON

Recipe: Mississippi Mud Pie

I can not wait to take apple picking in Warwick, NY, and then lug my bounty home to make this amazing apple jelly from Yewande Komolafe. She says it “reminds me of flower honey and sour citrus”, which sounds ambrosian to me. Then I want to incorporate more roughage into my diet (a lifelong mission for this meat and carb lover), so I want to tackle proper green salads like this one from the Via Carota restaurant, and earthy, hearty numbers like Alexa Weibel’s roasted cauliflower salad with halloumi and lemon. Autumn has always been an option for a culinary reset, and nothing makes dinner more of a ritual – that is, a common practice – than washing salad for a salad. ERIC KIM

Recipes: Apple jelly | Via Carota’s green salad | Roasted cauliflower salad with halloumi and lemon

Eric Kim’s Ritzy Cheddar chicken breast has been on my bucket list. Ritz biscuits pull at my heartstrings, and this recipe has cozy moods that are easy to achieve. Also on my radar is Genevieve Kos one-bowl carrot cake, an ideal dessert to take with you on holiday or to present to guests if you are the host. With more entertaining and holidays on the horizon, cleaning up can mean a lot of dishes. This one-bowl recipe requires minimal effort and maximizes the reward – an ideal fall ratio. ELEANORE PARK

I love a project – adapting duck legs to a saucepan, filling grape leaves with rice for dolmadakia – but I have never made my own soft tofu. It is one of my favorite things when it is rich and shaky and just made and I dream of this with a spicy, vinegar caramel and soybeans cooked in salted butter. TEJAL RAO

Recipe: Heat tofu in salted butter and celery seeds Gastrique

Last year, I turned my abundance of butternut squash into Yasmin Fahr’s spicy butternut squash pasta with spinach, and I can not wait to make it again. It’s autumn comfort without being super heavy, and there’s a really sneaky amount of vegetables in here. I made it a few times, replacing jalapeños with serranos or mozzarella with blobs of ricotta. Once, I had only a tiny bit of pasta in my cupboard, so it ended up being pretty much all vegetables. But it was still a winner. PRIYA KRISHNA

Recipe: Spicy Butternut Squash Pasta With Spinach

I miss turning on my stove! And I miss cooking beans and simmering a stew for two hours. I can’t wait to make an entire afternoon of this stew from Melissa Clark while wearing a cable-knit sweater and drinking a pumpkin-spice latte. Just for fun …? BECKY HUGHES

Recipe: Herb stew with white beans and sausage

We’re on the verge of my favorite time of year here in New Orleans: gumbo season. Loosely defined is when the weather is not too hot to do anything all day over low heat. The suffering caused by Hurricane Ida has not yet subsided in the fishing communities south of here. So I have seafood gumbo on my mind – like this one, from Creole chef Jordan Ruiz, built from redfish, or this curry shrimp and crab gumbo from Arvinder Vilkhu, the chef and co-owner of Saffron Nola, a local Indian restaurant . Still, my go-to recipe is closer to this and-andouille gumbo from Upperline, a classic New Orleans restaurant that has unfortunately been closed since the start of the pandemic last year. BRETT ANDERSON

Recipes: Creole Redfish Gumbo | Curry Shrimp and Crab Gumbo | Upperline’s Duck and Andouille Gumbo

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