25 Chicken Soup Recipes That Will Satisfy Your Soul

25 Chicken Soup Recipes That Will Satisfy Your Soul

Is chicken soup really good for the soul? Although the idea has not been scientifically proven, it is quite certain that a steaming bowl of chicken soup is one of the most comforting foods ever. Warming broth and tender chicken form the basis of this soothing and infinitely adapted dish. Noodles, vegetables, grains, spices, beans, dumplings, citrus, herbs and more can be added to the simple soup for extra bulk, nutrients and flavor.

In addition to being an incredibly versatile dish, it is budget-friendly, easy to prepare and can even help relieve the symptoms of the common cold. While the canned things are good in a pinch, there is nothing that beats homemade. These recipes show the variety, the healthy benefits, the full flavor and everything else a hearty bowl of chicken soup has to offer.

Classic chicken noodle soup

Anthony Quintano / I DAG

Katie Lee’s chicken soup is as classic as it can get. It is based on a flavorful base of celery, carrots and onions, and then gains some weight from chicken breast and egg noodles. With simple spices and a few fresh herbs, this soup comes together quickly and provides instant comfort.

Dylan Dreyer's chicken noodle soup


This is Dylan Dreyer’s favorite chicken noodle soup. “When I had the flu in Korea during the Olympics, I ate the best chicken soup, and I think it’s because they used ramen noodles,” she says. “So, that’s how I do it now. I always try to make sure I keep something frozen … it’s perfect when a cold is on its way!”

Joy Bauer's Lemon Chicken Soup with Orzo

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Move over, chicken noodle soup: This new recipe is addictively flavorful, creamy and hits the spot perfectly. It is the perfect remedy for an annoying winter cold, thanks to its citrus-like lemon and soothing, warm temperature. In addition, this simple dish is ready in just 30 minutes.

Mother's chicken soup with spinners

Lazarus Lynch

When it’s cold outside, chicken soup is a must. This soup gets extra heat from toasted Jamaican curry powder, seasonal squash, earthy yams and delicious spinners. A gentle simmer helps to cook all the ingredients evenly, but the soft bubbling also makes the long, tapered dumplings dance and spin in the soup while boiling – hence the name “spinners”.

Nkrakra (Light chicken soup)

Nassima Rothacker / Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen

This light and spicy broth is so healthy and warming on cool winter days. It is also great for warding off cold symptoms. The burning taste and spicy tingle from the Scottish hats, extra hot chili powder and guinea pepper will definitely cope with even the most hazy heads and stuffy sinuses. It works every time!

Chicken soup with matzo balls

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

For Adam Richman, chicken soup with matzo balls is nostalgic and joyful. “All good Jewish boys love their mother’s chicken soup. It’s part of our DNA,” he says. “It’s penicillin when we’re sick; it’s cozy food when we’re bored; it’s communal food when we celebrate; and it has its roots in the traditions of the relatives that we no longer have with us or that we never got one It’s both a part of my tradition and a part of my childhood, and with only a spoonful I am immediately transported back to the happy, wonderful times of youth. “

Southwestern chicken soup

Southwestern ingredients give this soup a refreshing taste. This recipe is great for depleting leftovers, requires only six ingredients and also freezes beautifully for those days when there is no time to cook. Just thaw and you have a balanced meal in minutes.

Chicken neck soup with oyster mushrooms

Marcus Samuelsson

Chef Marcus Samuelsson made this recipe in honor of food historian Dr. Jessica B. Harris. “Jessica is a beloved chronicler of African food throughout the diaspora,” he writes. “Her experiences have taken her all over the world, and she has eaten and eaten with the best of them. Jessica honors through her work so many unsung black figures, whose names we do not know, who shaped Southern food and changed the course of American cooking. This comforting recipe is a small tribute to their ingenuity. “

Healthy 1 minute chicken soup

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

This is an excellent throw-it-all-in-a-pot, low-carb meal. You can add so many different kinds of vegetables to this soup and it’s a great way to utilize the leftovers! In addition, it literally only takes a minute in the pressure cooker.

Chicken soup with mushrooms, kale and turnips

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Leftovers of fried chicken are given new life in this easy and comforting soup. Kale, turnips and mushrooms add a great vitamin boost, and a burst of lemon flavor adds bright notes to this filling and flavorful soup. A splash of olive oil and fresh parsley at the end rounds off the richness and adds even more satisfying texture and flavor.

Natalie's Slow-Cooker chicken and dumplings


Natalie Morales’ chicken soup with dumplings is thick, creamy and incredibly comforting. A few smart shortcuts and a slow cooker make it a dish that requires a little maintenance. It is an easy and satisfying soup that the whole family will love.

Old-fashioned chicken noodle soup

America’s Test Kitchen

Many chicken soups have to simmer for hours before they get the full-bodied chicken flavor. This comforting, deep-tasting chicken noodle soup is easy enough to make, even when the weather is bad. Browning chicken pieces before simmering them in the broth creates an intense chicken-like soup base. A standard mixture of vegetables simmered with the chicken enhances the richness of the broth. Instead of predictable egg noodles, small broken spaghetti pieces give it a nostalgic nod to canned versions, but have plenty of more flavor.

Milanese wing soup

Getty Images

This fresh vegetable-filled soup gets a solid protein boost from crispy breaded chicken chops. The meaty bites add great flavor and texture to this easy evening dinner. The fresh vegetables and tomato-scented broth make this a great soup to serve when it is hot outside as well as in colder months.

Ree Drummonds creamy chicken and wild rice soup

Ree Drummond

Cranberry sauce should not only be served on Thanksgiving! Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, recreates the classic spice with a little more spicy spin and uses it as a flavorful blend for her wild rice chicken soup. “I love this recipe because it tastes of autumn in a bowl. It is creamy, comforting and delicious,” she says. “Perfect for a cool fall evening.”

Chicken fat Matzo Bold soup

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Sometimes referred to as “Jewish penicillin”, matzo ball soup is a feel-good dish that can cure everything from colds to blues. While schmaltz (or chicken fat) is very traditional, the use of home-painted matzo and a splash of vodka makes this recipe unique. However, the untraditional approach still results in beautifully airy matzo balls and a deeply flavorful broth.

Martina McBride's creamy chicken tortilla soup

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Tasteful and delicious, this is a creamy, comforting version of the classic. Make it more spicy by adding more jalapeño or smoker with chipotle chili powder instead of the regular chili powder. This is a great recipe for entertaining a group. Create a topping bar so guests can help themselves and add their own toppings.

Carbone's Italian wedding soup

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Contrary to what the name suggests, this soup does not get its name because it is served at Italian weddings. The wedding name actually refers to the marriage between the fresh leafy vegetables and rich broth in this robust and rustic soup. The mixture of prosciutto, parmesan and garlic in the chicken meatballs adds even more flavor to this festively tasted soup.

Coconut curry noodle soup

Casey Barber

When ordinary old chicken noodles just do not dove, it’s time to bring in some dirty flavors to wake up the palate. This Thai-inspired soup stirs things up with spicy curry paste, creamy coconut milk and a dash of sour lime. The crispy vegetables and cool noodles add a wealth of exciting textures to this sour dish.

Chicken tortilla soup

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

This delicious soup is stuffed with flavor, protein and lots of colorful vegetables – peppers, carrots, onions, celery and fire-fried diced tomatoes. Although this recipe tastes great straight from the pot, it is even better the day after when all the herbs and spices are mixed and blended. Just before serving, top each bowl with crispy tortilla strips plus a selection of garnishes, such as chopped coriander, scallion, grated cheese, diced avocado, Greek yogurt and sliced ​​jalapeños.

Homemade Ramen with crispy chicken

TODAY all day

With star anise and lemongrass, this broth is more reminiscent of Vietnamese pho. Making noodles at home can seem really difficult, but it’s actually very straightforward. The secret lies in baking baking soda to make the noodles springy and tender. For toppings, soy marinated eggs are a must!

Chicken and dumplings

Casey Barber

If chicken soup seems too basic for a one-pot dinner, you can jazz it up with pillow-filled dumplings. Cheap chicken thighs not only taste better when cooked slowly, they also have more flavor than chicken breast. It is a thick and solid bowl of comfort and happiness!

Nana Lucys Matzo Ball Suppe

Courtesy Madeleine Smithberg

Baking soda is usually used as a leavening agent to make matzo balls fluffy. In this recipe, seltzer is used instead of inflating the mixture. The rest of the recipe is after the book and makes a nice light soup that is perfect for lunch or to start a festive dinner.

VanJess' Nigerian pepper soup

Jessica and Ivana Nwokike

This comforting, spicy Nigerian soup is stuffed with chicken, vegetables and potatoes. It gets its intense flavor depth from three different spice blends, fresh aromas and hot chili. It is a hearty and warming dish perfect for serving, not just when the weather is cold, but all year round.

Joanna Gaines' creamy chicken Poblano soup

Amy Neunsinger / Magnolia Table, Volume 2: A Collection of Recipes for Collection

This chicken chili soup recipe is a nod to one of Joanna Gaines’ first dates with her husband, Chip. “I’ve heard it said that food with a story tastes different,” she says. “For Chip and me, this soup always takes us back to one of our first dates. We went to a restaurant in Dallas, and both ordered the chicken poblano soup – not because it was known to either of us, but because we had heard that it was the dish the restaurant was known for. Honestly, it was the best soup any of us had ever had. That restaurant and soup was a favorite go-to, and even though the restaurant has since closed “Chip and I are still talking about the early days and that chicken poblano soup.”

Yardbird soup

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Samuelsson used leftovers from his famous fried yardbird to make this amazing soup. “I love this soup because it is full of flavor and easy to prepare,” he says. “It incorporates crispy fried chicken and tender egg strips, which gives it a textural surprise. It’s an easy dish that really presents itself as an elegant entree and lifts fried chicken in an unexpected way.”

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