Episode 11: Fan Fiction, or where do I buy Batman doujinshi?

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What’s the difference between Western fan fiction and Japanese doujinshi? Angela, Kelly, and special guest Liz get deep into the weeds on how cultural and industry values influence fan works produced in America vs Japan. Why aren’t there more fan-made comics about your favorite superheroes? Are Kancolle doujinshi copyright infringement? What the heck is the deal with coffee shop AUs? AND, why isn’t Ron x Draco more of a thing?

Book Review: I Hear the Sunspot by Yuki Fumino (One Peace Books)


Episode 10: Superheroes vs. Shonen Heroes, or friendship & darkness

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What makes a hero? This week we’re taking on tropes in American superhero comics and shonen battle manga, and talking about what makes these two similar genres entirely different. Who will win – brooding vigilantes or the power of friendship?

Book Recommendations/Reviews:

Special guest Elizabeth: Super Sons by Peter Tomasi & Jorge Jimenez (D.C Comics)

Kelly: Dreamin’ Sun by Ichigo Takano (Seven Seas)