$ 20 kitchen gadget makes it easy to chop and cut vegetables in no time

$ 20 kitchen gadget makes it easy to chop and cut vegetables in no time

Amazon shoppers love the convenience of the Starfrit Pump'n'Slice Chopper & Slicer in the kitchen.  Pictures via Starfrit.

Amazon shoppers love the handy Starfrit Pump’n’Slice Chopper in the kitchen. Pictures via Starfrit.

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Unless you find the act of peeling and chopping vegetables meditative, there is a good chance that spending less preparation time in the kitchen is considered a boon for many home cooks.

While many gadgets over the years have promised to cut down on your cooking time, few have managed to live up to their requirements – at least until Starfrit Pump’n’Slice Chopper & Slicer, that is.

This $ 20 kitchen gadget makes it easy to tackle piles of vegetables and quickly cut, dice and chops for you.

Starfrit Pump'n'Slice Chopper & Slicer.  Image via Amazon.

Starfrit Pump’n’Slice Chopper & Slicer. Image via Amazon.

$ 20 at Amazon

How does Starfrit Pump’n’Slice Chopper work?

Think of this Starfrit chopper as your ticket to evenly sliced ​​fruits and vegetables every time. It has a unique design that uses a high-efficiency spring pump and adjustable blades that result in 0.5 to 0.8 mm thick discs.

It is a safer alternative to a traditional mandolin, as your fingers do not end up anywhere on this chopper’s knives. All knives are securely closed inside the machine, so all you have to do is set the desired thickness, insert your food into the chute and press down on the pump to achieve perfect size slices.

Use this chopper on vegetables and fruits like potatoes, peppers, beets, carrots, zucchini, sweet potatoes, apples and more. It is also suitable for delicacy meat and cheese if you are looking for a quick way to cut and slice.

What shoppers have to say

As a coveted Amazon’s Choice product, Starfrit Pump’n’Slice is a must-have gadget for any chef looking to streamline their kitchen. It has also received an average rating of 4.5 stars from more than 1,100 Amazon reviews.

Shoppers have shared that this gadget does a great job of creating “matches and paper-thin slices.” Its rack base has also been praised for being “stable, solid and easy to pump.”

Reviewers have noticed that this Starfrit chopper is also easy to store and clean, as all accessories are dishwasher safe and can be folded after each use.

“The safest mandolin on [the] market, “excited one reviewer.

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Reviewers have added that although this gadget takes the work of cutting food into strips and is “safe for children”, it is not ideal if you are hoping to chop and cut into cubes.

“Dice were not my favorite,” admitted one reviewer, who shared that it might be “faster to do it by hand.”


Despite some of its drawbacks, reviewers agree that Starfrit Pump’n’Slice is a worthwhile investment for only $ 20. It has been called a “good product for the elderly”, for children or for those with limited mobility, as it is a safe and quick way to chop food.

Reviewers note that while it is great for cutting, it will not completely replace all the knives in your kitchen when it comes to easy chopping and chopping.

The above reviews reflect the latest versions at the time of publication.

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