15 budget dinner recipes that stretch your ears

15 budget dinner recipes that stretch your ears

These budget dinners show that you can still eat well even if you’re trying to save – good news considering we’re a little obsessed with food over here. The following ideas use canned, dried and frozen ingredients to the best of their ability. Cheap proteins are also the key to cheap cooking, and smaller portions of meat that can boost the taste of your recipe without draining your wallet. Add these dinners to your daily rotation and you will start to see the savings pile up.

Gordon Ramsay’s chicken: You will feel like you are in a fine-dining restaurant when you blow up this recipe. FYI, all the ingredients (root vegetables, chicken and herbs) can be obtained from TJ’s or any conventional grocery store.

Bacon fried rice: Make your leftover rice for dinner by adding vegetables and meat. You just need a few slices of bacon to get the taste – save the rest for breakfast on the weekends.

Chicken Zoodle Soup: This simple chicken soup replaces traditional noodles with spiralized zucchini, a dirt-cheap vegetable in the summer.

Crispy honey-lemon chicken thighs: Buy cheap chicken thighs in bulk, and freeze in batches of four. Thaw what you need overnight so it is ready to cook when you get home.

Take Instant Pot Soup: Make a large serving in your Instant Pot in less than 30 minutes, which means you will enjoy the leftovers the rest of the week.

Vegan plate sausage and vegetables: Prepare a meat-free meal in an instant thanks to your convenient plate shape. Fill with your favorite fried vegetables and a packet of meat-free sausage, and serve with a little mustard for dipping.

Foil package Chicken and Broccoli: Ordering out can wreak havoc on your budget. Satisfy your cravings with this foil package of chicken and broccoli instead.

Easy homemade pizza: You only need two ingredients to make this homemade pizza dough: Greek yogurt and self-raising flour. Throw the toppings you have in your fridge for a fun but economical meal.

Hot dogs in Mexican-style salad wrapping: Cheap and fresh do not have to be mutually exclusive. Some cheap vegetables dress up these hot dogs, which are wrapped in salad instead of muffins to keep things low in carbs.

Vegan Portuguese kale soup: Soup is one of our favorite budget meals and it is friendly on your wallet, even when you are making it vegan. Beans and vegetables make up the bulk of this recipe, with a few vegan sausage links thrown in for extra ambiance.

Vegan curry: You can make this tasty meal almost exclusively with ingredients from the pantry. Have some frozen spinach on hand to whip it up at all times without having to go for a walk in the store.

Paleo Shepherd’s Pie: Special diets have a reputation for being expensive, but this cheap paleo dish will not break the bank. Best of all, it feeds up to six people, or it can be portioned out so you have an easy dinner option every night of the week.

Veggie foil packer: Add the vegetables you have on hand and some vegan sausage to a foil packet, and then bake until everything is cooked through. Combine with your favorite sauce, or just salt and pepper if you fancy something simple.

2. Grilled Fluffernutter: This nostalgic bite has all the things you love: mallow fluff, peanut butter, chocolate chips and butter. It’s a bit like dinner and dessert in one.

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Follow us on Pinterest for more budget-friendly dining ideas.

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