14 most delicious pies for the winter to make your house smell like a bakery

14 most delicious pies for the winter to make your house smell like a bakery

Yes, we love everything about winter – from the air to the layering of clothes. But when the classic post-sunset depression hits, we all want something to calm our souls. Enter these delicious warm pies for the winter.

Do not misunderstand us! We can have pies all year round. But there is something magical about hot pies when the world outside freezes. Baking a pie at home can easily win the title as one of the favorite things to make in the winter. And we are here with 14 pie recipes to light up your kitchen and make your house smell like a café.

Winter pies that keep you busy

Apple crumble pie

The classic needs no introduction! If pies had their own show, the apple crumble pie for the winter would be the veteran coming to the judging panel. Yes, it is the classic crunch of the pie base and the heavenly warm, sticky apple cinnamon filling inside that makes this such a classic.

Chocolate chess pie

A chocolate chess pie for the winter with the perfect, creamy, chocolate-like filling and the crispy top are things dreams are made of. Simple ingredients, simple pie and unadulterated joy. If that is not what winters are all about, then what is it?

Pecan praline pumpkin pie

A winter without a pumpkin-based dessert? Holy bread! This pumpkin-geous pie for the winter was born just to please. Pecan? Well. Praline? Well. Pumpkin? Gooood. If you ask us, you can never go wrong with this one to warm you up on a cold day and make you feel comfortable with everything around you.

Peanutbutter pastry pie

If you thought pretzels could not get better, wait until you do this. To bring the best of both worlds together, a jar of peanut butter could not possibly be more honored than this. As complex as it may sound, it’s pretty easy to bake. Your winter is getting so much better!

Orange chocolate ricotta pie

Hi, but could a pie “be” better? Citrus-like, sweet and salty, this pie is, as MasterChef judges would say, an outburst of flavor inside the mouth. It looks beautiful, tastes beautiful and is easy to make. This is the sacred trifecta of dessert, if you ask us!

Buttermilk pie

Another classic, this one comes from American cuisine. This would definitely split the judging panel with the apple crumble pie and cheer on beginners. What makes this one of the best pies for the winter is that it is made with simple, basic ingredients and tastes like home!

Citrus cranberry pie

Every time two fruits with different taste palettes marry each other in a dessert, you know it will be a beautiful marriage. The best time to make some cranberries is in the fall because of the fresh ingredients. A complex dish with simple flavors, this one will make you feel like a professional after baking it. Wondering how to do this? We are here to guide you through the recipe.

Cranberry cream cheese crispy

Do you have a leftover cranberry sauce that you do not know what to do with? We do! Whip up a delicious pie that is an upgrade to a beautifully set cream cheese from plain cheesecakes. Bring the best of a fruit cheesecake and turn it into this magical pie. No wonder it is one of the best pies for the winter!

Bourbon pecan pie

Invest a good amount of time in this, because it deserves it. We are big fans of liquor desserts throughout all seasons. But especially winter is incomplete without a bubbly dessert, right? And when it comes to pecan pie, you can’t really ask for more. Make your kitchen smell of paradise, and your taste buds experience paradise in earnest with this Bourbon pecan pie.

Double chocolate pumpkin pie

Your favorite pumpkin says hello again on this list! What’s better than chocolate? Double chocolate. And what’s better than plain pumpkin pie? Double chocolate pumpkin pie. There is all the introduction this pie needs.

Coconut cream pie

Butter pie crust, shredded coconut, decadent vanilla cream filling – this is a clear winner. So what if you can not get your favorite coconut ice cream in the winter? This warm pie for winter with coconut goodness will keep you company when it freezes outside!

Apple cheddar pie

With a cheddar cheese pie base and sticky apple and cinnamon inside, this will awaken all the fuzzy, wintery “filling” in you. For such a good pie, we can not help with puns. Flaky crust, sweet inside with a touch of tasty, this pie for winter hits all the right notes. That’s what makes it a perfect pie for the winter!

Peanut butter and jelly pie

This is the twist in the narrative that another classic, PB&J deserves. Yet another veteran who is a total winner in itself, this pie is the real tribute to this childhood favorite. The best thing is that you can play and come up with your own jelly recipe for this. But this recipe right here is our favorite!

Cranberry lime pie

Save the best for last, they said. And we obeyed. If looks matter, this winter pie would go home with the crown. It looks ‘berry good’ to say the least. And cranberries and lime together? This is the sunshine you need on a cold day. In harmony with the color of the holiday season, this is the right kind of drama your kitchen needs.

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