12 ways to avoid winter weight gain, expert sharing tips

12 ways to avoid winter weight gain, expert sharing tips

The winter season is certainly pleasant, but the gray season is also full of challenges. Wonder how? Well, it’s a challenge to get out of bed on a cool day or stop the urge to overeat your favorite junk food and avoid the subsequent weight gain. According to various studies, people tend to gain weight in the winter.Also read – 10 tips to kickstart your fitness journey in 2022

The cool weather affects our mood and our energy level. Due to the weather, we sometimes skip workouts and we prefer to curl up and stay indoors. We eat more as food helps us stay warm and cozy. Nutritionist Zamurrud M. Patel, RD- Chief Dietitian, Global Hospitals, Parel, Mumbai share some easy ways to avoid winter weight gain. Also Read – Weight Loss Tips: How To Lose Weight Without Exercising A Lot

  1. Continue your workout routine – Keep burning calories. Choose the time of day when you can continue with your walk and / or training. Create your own groups to motivate each other
  2. Drink hot liquids-green tea, soups, broth, you will enjoy hot drinks and they will keep you full while not adding many calories to your meal. Enjoy greens that come of optimal quality in the winter.
  3. Consume Protein Rich Foods- Proteins have a good thermogenic effect, so they give you good heat in the summer. Try adding fish / chicken / eggs / milk and dairy products and legumes. Protein reduces the meal’s glycemic index and keeps you full for longer hours
  4. Focus on good quality fats – Nuts, seeds and fish provide good quality fats, which help maintain the skin and prevent it from drying out in winter
  5. Avoid deep-fried foods. Prefers frying, steaming, marinating to add flavor to the food
  6. Avoid Alcohol – Ethanol in alcohol alters your metabolism and causes you to store fat.
  7. Add high-fiber foods – High-fiber foods help you curb your appetite. Then add raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and dried fruits to every meal
  8. Maintain portion control at all parties, and pay attention to what you choose
  9. Maintain your biological clock – it feels quite nice to sleep for longer hours, but it disrupts your hormone cycle
  10. Cut down on sugar intake as it directly increases your carbohydrate intake
  11. Keep an eye on your salt intake. This means more bloating and immediate feelings of weight gain and discomfort. Continue to drink plenty of water to try to minimize the bloated effects
  12. Make a good menu for your routine, and be prepared to prepare these meals

Be sure to follow these tips to avoid winter weight gain! Also read – Mike Pompeo, former US Secretary of State, loses 40 kg in 6 months. He shares tips.


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