11 Desi recipes to try for weight loss diet – for breakfast, lunch and dinner

11 Desi recipes to try for weight loss diet – for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. While it may be necessary to some degree, it may not be as difficult as it may sound if you start with a little patience and consistency. A subtle adjustment here and there in your diet and lifestyle may not be a big deal to make it a colossal challenge, as thousands of links on the internet would have made it.

While some of us are blessed with a good metabolism that helps in losing the weight we have gained in a snap, others can take months and years. Whatever the case, our diet always plays a crucial role in the process. You can not just keep tasting greasy curries, parathas or fritters while dreaming of a perfect physique. A diet high in protein, high in fiber, made with limited or no oil combined with healthy, nutritious ingredients thrown in provides a healthy meal that can help with weight loss. Here we have 11 delicious recipes for each meal that you can try at home if you want to lose a few kilos!

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11 best recipes that can help with your weight loss journey:


1. Oats and Matar Cheela

Perfect way to turn around on boring oatmeal, this cheela is thick, full of nutrients and comes with the added goodness of peas. Filled with protein, this cheela is a hit right away. Find the whole recipe here.


Delicious, easy and healthy!

2. Oats Idli

Low in carbs and high in protein, this snack is an ideal addition to your weight loss diet. This idli makes use of the always so nutritious oats instead of a regular rice dough. Sounds interesting, does not it? Click here for the recipe.


Low calorie, high protein, what else do we need?

3. Matar Upma

Green peas or matar are low in calories and packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants such as vitamins K, C, folate, manganese, protein and fiber. The best part is that they are versatile for dinner and therefore you can add them to everything from pulao to upma! Find the whole recipe for matar upma here.


Green peas are a powerhouse of nutrients.

4. Egg Chaat

Eggs are a powerhouse of nutrients, including protein, good fats and vitamins. But not only that, eggs are also extremely versatile. This boiled egg chaat takes versatility a step further with a delicious desi twist. It combines the goodness of eggs with interesting spices and condiments to give your taste buds a whole new experience. Click here for the full recipe.


Sour, sour and full of protein.


1. Urad Dal Without Oil

Yes, you read that right. Dal can be made without oil! The primary Indian comfort food is a protein rich meal that can be prepared in different ways but nothing beats a simple dish of urad dal. Full of fiber and protein, this urad dal recipe uses sour curd instead of oil to cook, which not only keeps excess oil in check, but also adds a touch of acidity to the delicacy. Find the full recipe for urad dal without oil here.


Yes, it is possible to cook valley without oil.

2. Methi-Ajwain Paratha

We agree that parathas are often seen as greasy and greasy, but you can always cut back on everything when cooking at home. Do not you agree? This methi-ajwain paratha is enriched with an abundance of good quality fibers in methi that keep the weight in check. Click here for the full recipe.


All you have to do is keep an eye on the amount of oil while cooking the parathas.

3. Coconut rice

Isn’t coconut rice one of the most popular South Indian meals? Light, easy, aromatic and delicious, coconut rice can be made weight loss friendly with a few simple adjustments. This keto coconut rice made with cauliflower instead of regular rice is just what you need for a light and comforting meal! Find the full recipe video here.


Light, easy, healthy and absolutely delicious!

4. Flaxseed Raita

A rich source of fiber, protein, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus among other nutrients and minerals, flaxseed is just what you need on your path to healthy weight loss. The combination of lauki and flaxseed in this raita is great for facilitating weight loss. While flaxseed helps induce satiety, which in turn reduces our tendency to eat more, bottled pumpkin, on the other hand, is a low-calorie food. Click here for the full recipe.


Flaxseed is a rich source of fiber and protein.


1. Khatkhate

A Konkani vegetable curry, the best part about Khatkhate is that it is filled with nutritious vegetables and is completely devoid of oil! A stew-like preparation, Khatkhate has vegetables including carrot, radish and just about any vegetable you want to add, simmered in a mixture of dal, peas and spices. Find the whole recipe here.


It’s a concave treat without oil.

2. Chicken Masala Without Oil

Do not you believe us? This recipe for chicken masala cooked without oil will make you believe! Burning spices and delicious yogurt tossed together with chicken pieces result in an amazing chicken delicacy that is irresistible. This high protein chicken delicacy will definitely satiate you for a long time! Click here for the recipe.


Yes, your favorite Indian chicken curry made without a drop of oil!

3. Oats Khichdi

India’s favorite comfort food made for a protein-rich, healthy food! Filled with the goodness of oats, moong dal, carrot, green peas, tomatoes, chili and olive oil, this solid bowl of khichdi will definitely leave you healthy, happy and full. Find the full recipe for oat khichdi here.


Oat khichdi provides a delicious and healthy meal.

Try these 11 weight-loss desi recipes at home and share your experience with us in the comments section below.


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