10 ways to shop for a plant-based diet on a budget

10 ways to shop for a plant-based diet on a budget

Want to start eating a vegan diet on a budget but do not know where to start? People may think it is expensive to eat vegan diet, but that is where they are wrong. If done right, a vegan diet can be surprisingly affordable for most people.

These ten tips will help you start eating a budget-friendly vegan diet that is still healthy and satisfying. A vegan diet can even be cheaper than a non-vegan diet because so many vegan foods are very cheap.

1. Meal plan

The most important step when planning a shopping trip on a budget is to plan food in advance. By doing this you get a much more accurate idea of ​​what to buy for your meals.

Meal planning helps you avoid over-consumption and break your grocery budget as you know exactly what to buy. You can create a detailed shopping list and stick to it, which avoids unnecessary expenses.

This will also help your money to go further as you will only be buying necessities instead of buying items that will not be used. Be sure to check out our meal plan archive to help you keep your weekly meals fun, fresh and delicious!

2. Compare prices

If you want to start eating vegan diet on a budget, you should get used to comparing prices. Keep an eye out and start paying attention to the price difference of canned, frozen and fresh foods.

Because a vegan diet consists primarily of products, it is a good idea to find out what kind of product options are most affordable. It may be cheaper for you to buy canned beans instead of dried or frozen vegetables instead of fresh ones.

Just the simple act of comparing food prices can dramatically lower your grocery bill and help you stick to a tight grocery budget.

3. Limit processed foods

One reason why people automatically assume that a vegan diet is expensive is because many vegan substitutes tend to be on the more expensive side. Therefore, these types of processed foods should be restricted in order to maintain an affordable vegan diet.

Specialty vegan foods such as dairy-free cheese, vegan sausages or vegan ice cream are all examples of expensive foods. These foods should be purchased occasionally as treats instead of being purchased in large quantities.

If you really want to be able to eat a vegan diet on a budget, you will have to rely more on whole foods instead of vegan substitutes.

4. Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk can be one of the best ways to save a few bucks for every shopping trip. Especially if you have certain foods that you regularly buy in large quantities.

Foods such as dried, canned and frozen items are all great options when it comes to buying in bulk. If you find that you regularly grab foods like grains, beans or frozen vegetables, you should try to buy them in bulk instead.

Bulk purchases are more affordable and will help you replenish food that you would already be buying on a consistent basis.

5. Buy seasonal items

In-season shopping is another simple tip for budget-friendly vegan shopping. This is because most types of products are cheaper when in season, and more available.

Not only are products of better quality when in season, but it can be much more affordable to buy. That’s why in-season shopping is so effective if you’re on a budget but still want to be able to enjoy plenty of fresh produce.

6. Buy more Whole Foods

Some of the cheapest foods available to us are whole foods, such as grains, seeds, beans, fruits and vegetables. Because a vegan diet consists primarily of whole foods, it tends to be cheaper than other diets.

If you build your diet out of the whole foods that are widely available to you. You will be able to maintain a much more affordable diet.

Processed foods are often more expensive and can increase rapidly, which is why it is much more affordable to eat a mostly whole food. Not to mention that it is also much healthier.

7. Follow Sales

Depending on where you shop, you can track the weekly and monthly food sales. This is a great way to take advantage of food price discounts that you would normally buy anyway.

Selling is a great time to stock up on foods that you know you often need. It can also be a great opportunity to buy specialty items and treats that you would not normally spend the money on.

Just keep in mind that some stores have better sales while others have no sales at all.

8. Buy in cheaper stores

If you are having a hard time shopping for a vegan diet on a budget, it may be because you are shopping in the wrong stores. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is shopping in health food stores or other specialty stores that are higher in price.

Shopping in stores like these will double, if not triple your grocery bill, even if you only buy what you need. These types of stores are just too expensive and will make you go over your grocery budget no matter how carefully you shop.

To stick to a tight budget on a vegan diet, you will want to shop in more affordable stores, which are usually chain stores.

9. Buy items from the brand

We often tend to screw up off-brands, but you may be surprised by them. There are many off-brands that are as good as the real thing, while being a fraction of the original price.

Cereal is a good example of this, as many off-brand grain products are as good as the original, while being half price. This is an easy way to reduce your grocery bill without having to limit your groceries.

10. Stick to your shopping list

This is a very important tip if you want all your hard work to pay off when you go shopping. None of your planning will turn into anything if you do not stick to your carefully worded shopping list when you go shopping.

To stay within your budget, follow your shopping list to a T, not be distracted or tempted by other items around you. A big culprit in over-consumption is buying things that you do not need.

If you have planned a meal and created your list accordingly, you should not need additional groceries. So you will have to get used to not shopping from your list, otherwise you will end up spending too much.

Eating a vegan diet does not have to be expensive or unrealistic. Most vegans eat a very simple diet consisting of affordable and easy to find whole.

If you’re worried that going vegan will be too expensive, just give it a try! You will be amazed at how many foods are vegan and how affordable they really are if you look in the right areas.

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