10 ways to get through a cold, snowy, covid holiday weekend

10 ways to get through a cold, snowy, covid holiday weekend

We seem to have a bit of frustration brewing for this 2022 Martin Luther King 3-day weekend. I thought I might try to lighten things up a bit 10 things you can do to get through to the other side, unscathed.

Let’s be honest, everyone and their brother seems to have COVID right now. Most people are either asymptomatic or have cold-like symptoms, but some get pretty beaten up. Of course, there are about 100 people hospitalized right now locally because of the virus and we certainly wish them good luck. However, let’s be honest, add the stress of avoiding COVID with a cold below zero, temperatures below zero and the prediction of several inches of snow falling between Sunday afternoon and Monday night and you’ve got yourself some stress.

So how can everyone get the most out of what we have this weekend?

First, we must remember that we all chose to live here and except COVID, it’s January and that’s what happens in January in the Mohawk Valley. So suck it all up and take time for my short little exercise that offers up to 10 little ways to maneuver through this stressful weekend.

1. There is plenty to do if you are willing to go out into the world. Comets are home this weekend and Utica City FC play Sunday at the Adirondack Bank Center. Herkimer Originals plays at Herkimer College both Saturday and Sunday afternoons, plus, Syracuse Basketball plays against Florida’s State at 2 a.m. on Saturday, and Bills hosts the New England Patriots Saturday night at 8 a.m. in a Wild Card ice boxing match.

2. If it’s not for you to watch games, then be physical and play your own. Dig in the long haul and play a game of Monopoly or pretend you’re in The Queen’s Gambit and play a game of chess.

3. Why not binge-watch the series The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, or another series or a movie or something compelling on TV? Never in the history of the world has there been so much quality content to watch on television. You may never get off the couch!

4. Eat your way through the weekend. Order out, order in, make it yourself or do something with the people you are with. These days, there are so many opportunities to cook really good food at home, and all the fun always seems to happen in the kitchen, so take advantage of your weekend.

5. When I was a kid, my mom used to pack hot dogs together and we all gathered and ventured through the snow … in the backyard … to start a small bonfire, took some small branches from a tree and cooked hot dogs that you would fry marshmallows. The fire kept you warm and the whole process from start to finish burned easily for a few hours. The fact is, it was different, and we all did. Be prepared for the older children to complain … but once they push the hot toilet into their mouths, the complaint stops. (You may have to wait until Sunday afternoon when temperatures need to warm up because Saturday gets cold.)

6. Have you noticed that I did not mention playing video games. Well, this weekend might be the perfect time to get kids and grandkids to show parents and grandparents how to play video games. If the elderly are not used to playing, the children will have fun telling them how bad they really are at playing.

7. If you are not worried about getting the virus, brave the cold and go out! Whether you are heading to the casino or visiting a local restaurant or bar, there is plenty of great food and things to do this weekend.

8. Last time my wife and I had one of those long, cold, snow-covered weekends, we felt ambitious and tore the carpet up in our cave. A week later we had hard wood floors, and in my wife’s thoughts she forced my hand to spend the money. Maybe it’s the project in the kitchen or remodeling the bathroom upstairs, or another project she’s wanted done for months or years. I’m sure there’s enough to work on if you sit for 2 minutes and look around your house. Just be careful, with COVID deficiency, some home improvement products are backordered, so make sure there is a new toilet available before you tear yours out and throw it to the curb.

9. That brings me to another fun game we like to play. It is called, how long before someone drives up to the curb in front of your house – and loads the item you just threw out of their vehicle. Remember, a man’s junk is another man’s item for sale on eBay.

10. Finally, there’s one more thing you can do this cold winter weekend to keep your spirits high, drinking! Well, it’s obviously not for everyone and you know your own limits, but a few years back my wife bought a whole lot of spirits, herbs, spices, bitters, infusions, etc., and she became the mixologist after all these crazy craft cocktail recipes. I have to say, some of them went down as kool-aid and we all had it. A quick warning: Be sure to get the Bloody Mary preparation for the next morning because the sweet little concoctions were much more potent than they tasted.

Bonus item # 11. Try homemade cures for the regular hung over. Believe me, plan this “to-do topic” for your range of things to do this weekend. It can be the best part of your cool, icy, snow-covered 3-day holiday weekend.

Cheers! And Go Bills!

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